{ Backstage } At Diesel Venice

DieselBackstage1Celebrating one year as Creative Director of Diesel, Nicola Formichetti (above, being interviewed by Dani Stahl for Nylon TV) debuted his first full collection for the brand in Venice less than two weeks ago. Speaking with both Nicola and Diesel founder Renzo Rosso prior to the show, it was clear that each had finally met their match.

I sat down with Renzo in his light, leather, and memory-filled office just hours before the big event, where he intimated that to him, it has always been more important to be cool than to be big. Diesel has undoubtedly grown huge ~ into a massive international juggernaut ~ over the last 35 years, and the hiring of Nicola reaffirms their cool factor. The collection pulsed with the energy of the street, and the show starred “all the beautiful little tattooed, gum-chewing freaks” (as an angry music store owner put it so famously in Empire Records).

Besides exploring the possibilities of denim ~ painting, coating, slashing, fraying and layering the fabric ~ the show featured a four-act film series by Nick Knight flickering on massive triptych screens and celebrated androgyny, individuality, Pussy Riot and gay rights. It was a seminal moment within a movement; it said: she’s the woman / she’s the man. I hung around backstage during the fittings and rehearsals beforehand to ogle all the cool kids and soak in the fantastic fashion tensions… DieselBackstage2 DieselBackstage3 DieselBackstage4 DieselBackstage5 DieselBackstage6 DieselBackstage7 DieselBackstage8 DieselBackstage9 DieselBackstage10 DieselBackstage11 DieselBackstage12 DieselBackstage13 DieselBackstage14 DieselBackstage15 DieselBackstage16 DieselBackstage17 DieselBackstage18 DieselBackstage19 DieselBackstage20 DieselBackstage21|PHOTOS| by Kelly