Thoughts Of Home

21st March, 2014

I’ve just moved into a new apartment, and it is entirely unlike my prior place. It’s a tiny little prewar, fifth floor walk-up in Chelsea; it’s worn-in, wonky, and I love it madly. Spending so much time on the road or out east means all I need in NYC is a little pied-Ă -terre stocked with a few favorite things. I’m decluttering and cleansing my entire lifestyle while working on making it home, and am inspired by whimsical wallpapers (like THIS and THIS), weathered wood, buttery old leathers, hand hewn ceramics and textiles collected from our travels. ThoughtsOfHome2|ABOVE| I’ve painted the kitchen this exact shade of grey, am building open shelves out of old scaffolding and have been scouring eBay for the perfect butcher block prep table (image via)ThoughtsOfHome3|ABOVE| this wallpaper mural has already been installed in the bedroom, and I’m stocking up on linens from Les Indiennes and Matteo (to feel like I’m forever sleeping in an Amazon hammock)ThoughtsOfHome4|ABOVE| talk about good vibes; I just want to live in this kitchen!

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