{ A Superior Spring Saturday In NYC }

NYCSaturdays1This past Saturday was one of those glorious New York moments when endless weeks of unrelenting winter weather give way to one perfectly spring-like day, and all the city’s denizens came out to play. We spent it walking uptown and down, hitting a few flea markets and popping into pretty stores and restaurants. Spring is New York City’s shiny season, when everyday life feels like a holiday and even running errands becomes an adventure. NYCSaturdays2 NYCSaturdays3|ABOVE| piles of beads at the West 25th Street Market (between Broadway & 6th Ave) |BELOW| the scene inside Chelsea Antiques Garage (112 W 25th St)NYCSaturdays4 NYCSaturdays5|ABOVE| I wore a Catbird beanie, Westward\\Leaning sunnies, vintage scarf, Elizabeth + James blazer, custom shirt, Commes des Garçons SHIRT harem pants (literally my favorite thing ever) and Valentino sneakers NYCSaturdays6 NYCSaturdays7|ABOVE| Zach wore cheerful Commes des Garçons PLAY x Converse shoes and chivalrously toted my Everlane bag as it became heavy with treasures NYCSaturdays8 NYCSaturdays9 NYCSaturdays10 NYCSaturdays11 NYCSaturdays12 NYCSaturdays13 NYCSaturdays14 NYCSaturdays15