Queen Selita: Behind The Scenes

19th March, 2014

A behind-the-scenes peek at the making of Queen Selita

|ABOVE| getting every detail just right in my favorite Valentino sneakers (they’re the perfect on-set shoe! I couldn’t have gotten through THIS SHOOT without them either.) QueenSelita_BTS2 QueenSelita_BTS3 QueenSelita_BTS4 QueenSelita_BTS5|ABOVE| jewelry for days! QueenSelita_BTS6 QueenSelita_BTS7 QueenSelita_BTS8|ABOVE| Bunny worries why she’s not getting more screen time, as Bethany braids Selita’s hair QueenSelita_BTS9 QueenSelita_BTS10 QueenSelita_BTS11|ABOVE + BELOW| Erin stepped up as Selita’s stand-in as I sculpted each Gele used in our story. I watched YouTube videos for weeks leading up to the shoot to learn how to properly make them! QueenSelita_BTS12 QueenSelita_BTS13 QueenSelita_BTS14|ABOVE + BELOW| Selita rocks the finished green Gele QueenSelita_BTS15 QueenSelita_BTS16|ABOVE + BELOW| one of my favorite looks of the shoot, from Oscar de la Renta QueenSelita_BTS17 QueenSelita_BTS18 QueenSelita_BTS19|ABOVE| reviewing footage with Chloe |BELOW| nobody gives face quite like Porsche! QueenSelita_BTS20 QueenSelita_BTS21 QueenSelita_BTS22 QueenSelita_BTS23|ABOVE| never too many bags! #putabagonitQueenSelita_BTS24 QueenSelita_BTS25 QueenSelita_BTS26 QueenSelita_BTS27|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd