Monday Moodboard: Back To Basics

31st March, 2014

LAST WEEK we took a look into the modus operandi of three influential Brooklyn artists ~ Ghost of a Dream, Nick van Woert and Courtney Smith ~ all of whom are using their work to make thoughtful statements about our current state of culture and our relationships with things. These are subjects I’m keenly interested in lately, as I go through the process of purging my life of a whole lot of excess.

I will always love beautiful stuff ~ well-executed aesthetics are among my chief joys in life ~ I just don’t want so much of it anymore. I’m inspired by better-ness and less-ness. In my recent move, I downsized from several closets to one small clothes rack, slimming my wardrobe’s contents by at least 80%. I’ve whittled it to a few favorite pairs of tailored and draped pants, some gorgeous shirts, two great jeans, a denim jacket, and a duo of exceptional blazers from The Row. It may not be as extreme as an all-out uniform, but it ain’t far from it. There’s such freedom in simplicity, and that’s exciting for me at this moment.BackToBasics1

|ABOVE| The Row does the best extra-long blazers I’ve ever found (I wear my khaki one constantly) and I’m collecting these men’s Comme des Garçons pants in every color (Dover Street Market has them in stock in a fantastic olive-y khaki right now!)

BackToBasics2|ABOVE| at Fashion Week in pants I had custom made in Vietnam, a pattern I’m still working to perfect BackToBasics3|ABOVE| one dark denim jacket (I like to wear the collar up and close only the top two buttons) and an atypical khaki trench are de rigueur BackToBasics4|ABOVE| variations on a theme ~ I’m interested in adopting a streamlined visual vocabulary with diversity in its details (see more of my looks on Facebook!) BackToBasics5|ABOVE| Maiyet gets my mood: it’s all about marrying classic tailoring with hammock-like ease BackToBasics6 BackToBasics7|#FOLLOWITFINDIT| In short, I’m all about investing in those versatile, well made, key pieces that offer me optimal optionality and also stand the test of time. Pieces like THESE!

|DON’T FORGET| today is the final day to Curate For A Cause! Some things are more important than fashion, and for every #ImBornTo Collection you make, eBay will donate $1 to March Of Dimes.


  • Great street style photos!

  • Karima

    Well done! I’m sure it wasn’t easy.
    Did the same last year – closet and apartment. Only things I love and use remain. Saves so much space, time and energy!

  • Dana Jo

    Very inpspiring outfits!!

  • Nico

    Inspiring post!

    Special details for a new outfit on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • Francisc

    These looks are fab!

  • Kevin Shahroozi

    Looks awesome! All fashionable and many chic! Great job with the menswear pieces making them into a feminine and sexy look.

  • lisa pearce

    You have hit a nerve with the less is better mode you are in – I think many of us are feeling the same way. And – you are possibly the only woman I have seen that can look sexy and feminine in drop-crotch pants – you do it well 🙂

  • Love basics. Simple and chic<3

    New on

  • Michelle K. Lee

    great looks

  • I love your posts about your personal style evolution. It’s very helpful and inspiring to hear how you do it. How do you decide what to let go, and how do you part with that 80%?

    • theglamourai

      It was just a matter of being honest with myself about which pieces I truly can’t live without and wear day in, day out. Ignore the labels or any sense of sentimentality. Once you start clearing out the excess, you kind of can’t stop! I sold a few pieces and donated a ton to charity.


  • I find that whenever I move to a new place, I tend to purge a lot of stuff beforehand as well. It just makes moving easier, and packing forces me to be more mindful of the things I have/want/keep/toss. Glad to hear you’re finding ways to whittle down the stuff!

    • theglamourai

      I had so much stuff that getting rid of it was actually harder than moving it!!! Moving took me 2 days, getting rid of the rest took an entire month.


      • The last time I moved the same thing happened to me! I felt like I spent so much more time preparing to move than actually moving…though it did make unpacking a heck of a lot easier!

  • Shopopal

    Love your cream coat and booties!

  • Can’t go wrong with classics!

  • JSchiff

    I’ve been wanting to do this for almost a year now, but always come up with excuses or hold back on how aggressive I am with getting rid of things, usually due to sentimentality. You’ve inspired me to really bite the bullet once and for all.


  • Bella

    Greetings! I would love for you to continue to elaborate on this topic. I find that internet definitely is another tool that feeds into our ever endless consumer appetite, not to mention the excess and materialism that’s woven through the pages of the blogger sphere. I very much admire your quest.

    • shesaidsomething

      Fashion is self-expression, empowerment and quite frankly an important component for those who wish to be successful (for now we are judged on our appearance).

      As for “excess and materialism woven through the blogger sphere”, I see less the rampant materialism than individual self-expression. I think bloggers play an important role in balancing the fashion world and making it more accessible and egalitarian. Fashion houses are about exclusivity and fantasy. Bloggers bring a more real, street sensibility to the conversation.

      BTW, do you know that second-hand clothing is a 1 billion dollar global business annually? Excess exists but the internet is not the root cause. The internet is a home for connections and by its very nature unpredictable.

  • 100% agree. After I had my baby, I had to readjust my wardrobe, and decided only to buy “basics” or classics in basic colors. It’s actually liberating to decide on a palette and a strategy (mostly I got the inspiration from my husband who has a very distinctive style). Anyway… all these looks are gorgeous (of course!)


    what makes you think that you’re interesting enough to make a stupid blog about yourself? GET A REAL JOB

    • shesaidsomething

      Hmm – Trolls are so unfortunate. I know I shouldn’t feed the troll but I want to support positive dialogue on the internet and sharing of experiences.

      Sad little anonymous troll. You are certainly not interesting enough to post vitriol.


    I just retired from CORPORATE last week and I am going through a similar PURGE. I want to look in my closet and see only Less-ness and Better-ness. I am convinced that a good staple of comfortable pants/jeans and T’s, along with Fabulous jackets, and accessories are all you need.

  • Faye-FashionHound

    Love this article and new found awareness on your part. I’ve been a fan of yours for ages regardless but I gotta say its so great to see you thinking about sartorially down sizing. We can all be adopt a case of ‘Stuff-ism’ these days until we wake up and think honestly about what we really need. My awareness was born out of necessity while living in London and NY (Coming back soon;) – seriously on my hustle for work I didn’t have much choice but to thrift shop and reinvent what I already had. I challenged myself to make charity shopping chic and now I’m paving a career path from it!
    A multiple closet girl for years – I now have one rack of my fashion fundamentals and 3 drawers of essentials, oddly enough I feel like I have more choice than ever before! This is what my blog #FashionHound is all about…getting more conscious, reusing, reworking and reducing our fashion footprint.
    Digging where your heads at Kelly and bet you feel better for it too
    Faye x

  • Elizabeth Rayl

    I did the same several years ago. Only a few items that I regret unloading. You have amazing taste….where and how are you deleting your closet? Do you still have the amazing white eyelet Maiyet skirt? I think we are the same size…so if you want to sell any items let me know.

  • akeera

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  • Smith

    Black & white is awesome…..

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