{ Travel Diary } Into The Amazon

Amazon1To get to the Juma Amazon Lodge, deep in the heart of the Brazilian jungle, one must take a flight to Manaus, then drive an hour in an airport transfer van, board a boat for another hour-long ride, transfer to a vintage VW bus trip through the mouth of the jungle, then hop on another boat for one last hour-long journey. It’s a daunting expedition, but it’s worth every minute, every mile. Amazon2Juma is a totally sustainable eco lodge built into the river banks of the rain forest, and staying there is an experience totally removed from the everyday realities of modern life. There’s no air conditioning, no phone service, no internet connection ~ just a lot of glorious hiking and hammock lounging. Amazon3 Amazon4Boating there allows the opportunity to see the Meeting of the Waters, where the muddy-mauve Solimões River and the jet-black Negro River run side by side without mixing, to form the great Amazonas River. It’s an incredible natural anomaly, another epic reminder of the greatness of nature. Amazon5|ABOVE| stilted pathways leading from room to room at Juma Amazon6 Amazon7 Amazon8 Amazon9|ABOVE + BELOW| Ever since we visited Beijing’s Imperial Palace, Zach’s been teasingly requesting concubines. His wishes came true with a harem of hairy monkey mistresses in the jungle! With his long hair and beard, they must have thought he was their king; they hardly left his side for a minute of our trip.Amazon11 Amazon12|ABOVE + BELOW| we adjusted well to #thathammocklyfe Amazon13 Amazon14|ABOVE| nap time with Blackie Amazon15 Amazon16Beside hammocking with monkeys, we spent our days in the Amazon swimming, piranha fishing, alligator spotting, and boating deeper and deeper into the jungle for eye-opening hikes, learning about the forest’s miraculous plant life. Should I ever fall terribly ill, skip the hospital and take me right back here! The locals have undoubtedly unlocked the secret sorceries of our earth, a power which they wield responsibly but spectacularly. Amazon17Amazon19 |ABOVE + BELOW| you know how I feel about crown-making, so I was thrilled to pick up some fresh techniques from the Amazonians Amazon18 Amazon20 Amazon21|ABOVE| Kelly wears Westward\\Leaning sunnies, Balinese scarf, Lisa Marie Fernandez neoprene swimsuit, vintage belt, shorts from Vietnam, Amazon-issued calf guards and Nike shoes |BELOW| Zach wears draped Vietnamese shorts and Nike shoes Amazon22 Amazon23 Amazon24 Amazon25|ABOVE| fishing for our dinner in a hat from the markets of Salvador da Bahia and a Miguelina caftanAmazon26 Amazon27 Amazon28|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zach + Kelly

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    Gorgeous post! You look like the perfect Amazon! Very inspiring!


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    I am speechless! These pictures are amazing. This is a paradise and you both look wonderful while enjoying mother nature. I must confess, I LOVE the monkeys. They will be in my Pinterest monkey board in a minute.

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    Wow, this is just beautiful.

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    Your pictures are incredible. I love the one with ‘Blackie’, it’s so cute. I went to French Guyana a few years ago and went to the Amazon and it’s one of my best travel memories, I really want to go back.

    Mafalda ❤

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    wow, i am speachless right now! these are such amazing photos! It`s so relaxing going through these photos taken in, what I can call, a paradise <3
    And you guys look great!


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    The photo with blackie napping was THE CUTEST ever <3 :)

    Maggie A

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    Beautiful photos, this trip looks amazing!!


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    Oh my goodness, these photos are absolutely breathtaking. Not only are you two people freaking gorgeous, but THOSE MONKEYS?! Come on! Too sweet to handle. And obviously, the backdrop is just too unreal. I’m in love…

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    So beautiful. I wish I could describe the noise I made when I saw the pictures of the monkeys. :)

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    How wonderful you described you jungle experience in words an pictures Kelly ! I enjoyed every second reading and browsing this post ! I am sure, the sweet monkeys made the experience unique and unforgettable ! And you both look so stylish !

    XX Luba

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      I second every word!

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    kelly + zach, your travel posts are a dreamy inspiration. i’m taking notes! you are intrepid, artistic, hedonistic adventurers in the best way. please keep it up!

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    With all the beautiful photos you share on your travel diaries, one would imagine it would be impossible to, once again, be overwhelmed by the beauty of your photographs… but these are out of this world!
    And the one with you taking a nap with Blackie: C U T E!
    Thsnks for sharing!

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    Love the traveling pictures. You look super sexy and amazing:) <3

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    what a wonderful post. I love so much your posts about travel! I´m living in Chile in this moment, and I have in my mind the idea of visiting Brazil and the Amazon one day :)


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    Woooow! What a great diary! I loooove your pictures and the way you look in the jungle!
    xxx from Holland

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    Just amazing. Love the monkeys.

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    One of my favorite posts. Love the monkeys!


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    Really nice photos! http://roseandpose.com/.

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    So, so stunning! You’re a lucky girl :)



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    the monkey mistresses are so sweet! love the shot of the one on the railing.

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    your photos always mesmerize me

    xo, Liz

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    WOW… those photos just take my breath away. It’s hard to believe a place like that exists on Earth. And the monkeys….so sweet!

    Love from Buenos Aires!

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    I do love monkeys and seeing this post just made me smile… one of my fav posts of you!!!

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    amazing pictures! :)



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    that blackie is surely cute :)


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    these photos are really amazing. can’t imagine how it could feel to be there because it’s so different from here!


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    These shots and these places are so peaceful!

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    What scenery! And those crowns are really amazing. Did you learn it well enough to teach it?

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    this is beautiful. very inspiring. =)


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    What is that warm taupey nail polish you’re wearing?

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    one of my favorite posts. love that you described the long effort to get there. that caftan and hat are everything.



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    What a soothing pictures!!!