Discovering Márcia Ganem

4th March, 2014

In Salvador da Bahia, we were delighted to discover designer Márcia Ganem (above left), whose truly innovative work builds off the Bahian tradition of handcrafted lace, elevating it through unsentimentally new sets of approach. The standouts in her collection are sculpted from over-dyed, hand-knotted threads formed from recycled seat belts (salvaged out of old cars!), which are oftentimes woven through with semi-precious stones. Every piece is a totally unique work of art, each of which surprised and inspired me. I carried home a small collection of Márcia’s pieces, for Jamie and I to make our own brand of artwork with. Tune in tomorrow for that special story… MarciaGanem2 MarciaGanem3 MarciaGanem4 MarciaGanem5 MarciaGanem6|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd