Close Encounters { Of The Third Eye }

ThirdEye1TURN ON // TUNE IN // DROP OUT /// Electrifying cathedrals of trees, pulsating auras, life-forming energies rushing through seemingly still waters: the miracles of nature are the most ravishing sort of sorcery. Musician Alix Brown takes a psychoactive voyage into the woods to open her third eye, as artist Shae DeTar unblocks the doors of perception and dares us to see the unseeable. |kindly click every image| to enrich the fashion phantasmagoriaThirdEye2|TOP IMAGE| Maiyet gown over Mara Hoffman dress, Adrienne Landau stole, Dr. Martens boots |ABOVE + BELOW| Dries Van Noten dress, Mara Hoffman pants, Arielle de Pinto chain link halter, Dr. Martens boots ThirdEye3 ThirdEye4|ABOVE| Ellery top, Marchesa skirt, Mordekai headdress, Adrienne Landau stole, Dr. Martens boots ThirdEye5 ThirdEye6|ABOVE + BELOW| Fort Makers top, Donna Karan dress, Arielle de Pinto cloche, Dr. Martens boots ThirdEye7 ThirdEye8|ABOVE| Le Sang Bleu gown, Adrienne Landau vest, Arielle de Pinto headdress, Dr. Martens boots ThirdEye9|CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD EYE| starring Alix Brown |PAINTED PHOTOGRAPHY| by Shae DeTar |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |MAKEUP| by Ana Sicat |EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE| by Erin Framel and Amelia Schussler

  • Kristi

    Beautiful imagery! Gorgeous colors…

  • Sonja Maria

    Stunning! And I ADORE the colours!

  • Carolyn

    so psychedelically gorgeous!

  • Ava

    AMAZING!!!!! Most beautiful editorial shoot I’ve seen in a long while!!

  • gris-noir chic

    beautiful pictures… oh my world… gorgeous.

  • Sarah

    Whole shoot looks amazing like a fairytale land aha :)

  • Lisa

    Looks very special indeed, great colours!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  • fashmongers
  • lena

    wow, the colours are fantastic…!

  • Lali

    Some great photos!

  • justanotherf blog

    Another amazing Photoshoot… But must confess I am really looking forward for a Travel Diary in Brazil…
    Is it for soon?

  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    so gorgeous kelly!
    these images are pure art.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Sasa Zoe

    Cool pictures indeed! Love the colors<3

  • Greta Gale

    These photos are absolutely breathtaking, I love the colour palette

    x greta

  • ClosetConfections

    Amazing photos, especially the one with the frozen waterfalls. Absolutely enchanting!

    Closet Confections – A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • My Fair Vanity

    The very first thing I thought when I saw this (after I got over the initial omg-why-is-kelly-so-amazing-ALL-the-TIME-omfg) was that it would be so awesome if you and Aaryn West were friends! This probably sounds crazy to you but I am 99.9% sure that if you two collab’d it would just be ahhh-mazing. I don’t know the how or the why, but you can find her at I’m just putting that into the universe :)

    Anyway, this is awesome. Just so fun and inspirational and awesome. As usual. And it made me want to eat (maybe just taste?) rocks. So there’s that.


  • midnightstarr

    Nice images of the third eye.

  • Advocates Closet

    Everything from styling to shots, is just AWESOME! Congrats on the great job. Truly inspirational.

  • Happeer

    Kelly! I’ve been following your work so much, I feel like I know you. I’m an aspiring stylist and admire your work aesthetics as well as your personality so painfully much.

    Reading your blog has been an amazing learning process but I also badly wish to know more about the background or influences for each idea. Please consider putting up more of your work process- like the conceptualization and the people who do it(is there an art director involved?).

    • theglamourai

      Hey Happeer,

      I conceptualize, art direct, and produce all of these shoots myself! This particular one came about because I had been making a bunch of third eye sculptures & headpieces over the summer (just for fun), then come September I was delighted to see eye motifs all over Mara Hoffman’s runway show. So I started thinking about the idea of doing a really trippy, third-eye-inspired fashion story… Fast forward a few more months and Shae (who I’d been dying to work with) told me she was coming to town, and all the pieces suddenly fell into place. In a way, this shoot started 6 months ago! I’m always working on a million different concepts / projects at once. I went to school for fashion design and worked as a designer in NY for many years, which allowed me to collaborate every season with amazing, top stylists who showed me that styling was really my passion.

      Thanks for following along on all these imagination adventures!


      • Peer

        I am SO excited that you acknowledged my comment! Conceptualizing every shoot and handling an entire production is a HUGE deal; it really protects your own vision. I hope to do the same day.

        Thank you for enlightening me and for my daily dose of inspiration! :-)

        Shaheen Peer (Happeer)

  • BeatriceBalaj

    What a great shoot!
    I really like how she is styled and the location is awesome!!


  • A&S&H
  • Baleeblu

    Absolutely LOVE the colours and the fashion direction of the photo shoot, what great inspiration and style. Thanks!