Sunsets In Rio

27th February, 2014

SunsetsInRio1For an especially splendid sunset in New York City, I can rely on an avalanche of Instagrams celebrating its magnificence to suddenly occlude my feed. That’s one way to eulogize a passing day, but the Brazilians definitely have it beat. Witnessing the ritualization of a summer sunset in Rio brought tears to my eyes. SunsetsInRio2For half an hour, the whole city stops. People pour out of their homes and offices, everyone streaming to the beach. Cold beers and coconuts are bought off transient vendors, guitarists start strumming and friends begin singing as the sun seeps slowly into the horizon. SunsetsInRio3When the final crescendo hits, that moment when the sun settles into bed, all of Rio erupts into thunderous applause. Whistles, screams, shouts and clapping collide. The moment is beautiful, and they worship it accordingly. The simplicity, the brilliance, the poetry of this mass observance absolutely knocked me off my feet. SunsetsInRio4I couldn’t hold back, the scene made me weep. Nature is so totally awesome. It deserves our adoration, our reverence, our applause. Take care of the world around you. Celebrate its resplendence, never take it for granted. SunsetsInRio5|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd and Kelly Framel |KELLY WEARS| Ray-Ban sunglasses, DVF top, custom-made harem pants (from our sojourn in Vietnam), vintage bag, Carlo Pazolini shoes

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