{ Marchesa } The Divine Inferno

Marchesa1In yesterday’s interview, artist Sarah Sophie Flicker spoke a bit about her creative process, how she often begins a film project with a quote or group of images, then allows the story to grow from there. I’m always fascinated by the systems of other creatives, and love delving into the ways someone may take the tiniest spark of an idea and with it build bonfires. To me, that’s the meaning of magic, the essence of sorcery.

At Marchesa’s most recent runway show, that starting point of inspiration was as incandescent as they come. They literally ignited off the idea of fire, of ombre flames and swirling smoke sweeping across the Scottish Highlands, sending out a saffron, cinnamon, and silver assortment of silks on a bevy of heavenly redheaded models (the most I’ve ever seen in one show! a dream come true!!). Kilts were reinvented in chantilly lace, and finished with 3D thistles and naughty corsetry. Fishnet tops met ostrich feather skirts, and suddenly one felt that the heat of those originally-inspiring fires had been eclipsed by a physical, visceral inferno. Seduction is ever-catching, after all. Marchesa2 Marchesa3 Marchesa4 Marchesa5 Marchesa6 Marchesa7 Marchesa8 Marchesa9 Marchesa10 Marchesa11 Marchesa12|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Kelly Framel