{ Just Make Stuff! }

MakeStuff1My favorite thing in life is to make stuff. I do it all the time, without needing a reason. I’ve made clothes, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, masks, hats, and crowns. Oh, the crowns! I absolutely adore making headpieces ~ the more theatrical the better. Out east this past summer, I made a whole host of headpieces inspired by the dancers I’d seen in Bali. My favorite among them (above) referenced the idea of the third eye (as formed from a hundred little googly-eyes and Hello Kitty stickers). I didn’t have a plan for what I’d do with it, but I made it because I was inspired, and because building things with my hands makes me happy. MakeStuff2Fast forward to early fall, when September’s Fashion Week rolled around. I watched with glee as model after model paraded down Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2014 runway, draped in dresses adorned with glorious eye prints. The motifs all across her collection reminded me of the mural that Zach and I had painted inside Turf, and the eyes specifically called to mind that headpiece I’d left out in Amagansett. I sketched a little doodle in my notebook to remind me to marry her designs with that headwear as soon as I could.MakeStuff3A few more months passed, and while I’m always juggling a hundred different concepts and projects at a time, the opportunity to incorporate both those inspirations never arose ~ until early January when my friend Shae DeTar (who I’d been dying to work with for years) texted to tell me she was headed to town and was game for collaboration. No one’s work can take you on a sensory trip quite like Shae’s; she has such a florid talent. If you haven’t already, please enjoy the fruits of our shared vision quest HERE and HERE.

And the headpiece that inspired the entire enterprise? You can just barely see it in THIS SHOT. In the end, the story wasn’t about it. It was about the idea behind it: the belief that opening your third eye ~ whatever that means to you ~ allows for the possibility of a more colorful life. In the words of Theodore Roethke (as taught to me yesterday by Sarah Sophie Flicker): “Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among the mysteries.”

Today, another Fashion Week kicks off in New York, and I can’t wait to discover and feel those unexpected moments of inspiration; I can’t wait to see what wonderful work, creative collaborations and romantic meanderings those glimmering, fast-fleeting moments on the runway beget. Inspiration is everywhere. This post was inspired by an answer to a recent comment, and I truly hope it serves to inspire you. Get out there and make stuff!

  • pinkschmink

    I love this post – it’s started my day with a smile and a determination to do something creative today. Guess I’m going to be spending some quality time with my sewing machine prepping outfits for London Fashion Week! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  • Peer

    When I started reading this post, I felt it reaching out to me and when you mentioned that my last comment inspired this post, I jumped around like a complete maniac! :))

    Just the fact that you consider what your followers want distinguishes you as a truly wonderful artist! Beautiful post :-)

    XO Shaheen Peer (Happeer)

  • Melanie Gray Robinson

    Very cool! My hubby and I enjoy making festival masks. Glad to see others like making their own wearable art! http://www.divinemzm.com

  • Sasa Zoe
  • charis

    i love making DIY stuff, like lil arts and crafts projects. Gorgeous pieces

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  • Rossana

    Is there anything you don’t do? You are so inspiring and gifted with all of your creative endeavors and openness.

  • Sarah

    These are incredible! Very intricate and colorful.


  • SR

    A lot of people horde their visions, their special ideas and sources, vulnerabilities, etc., but you don’t–you’re striking in that generosity. It’s wonderful. Thanks for putting yourself out there every day!

  • Nico

    Awesome pieces!

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  • Lust Covet Desire

    Now that’s a trend that I hope takes off! Very pretty.


  • Costume De Rigueur

    inspirational indeed..both headpieces and piece..


  • shopopal

    Very beautiful head pieces!