{ Gigi Burris’ Barbs }

GigiBurrisIWhile 3D thistles added a refreshing edge to an otherwise-ladylike Marchesa show, they are truly the hallmark of any Gigi Burris collection. Burris employs an updated approach to ancient millinery techniques when hand-crafting the tough-luxe headwear that is her signature, and we popped by her studio last week for a behind-the-scenes peek at how she knots individual turkey feathers into the barbed wire effect that has become her calling card. It gave us an increased appreciation for the patience and care imbued in each piece of her eponymous line. There’s a refreshing oddness to her work which could be read as downtown-bad-girl but is actually as old-world and sophisticated as they come. It’s uptown elegance with a Tim Burton twist. GigiBurris2 GigiBurris3We’ve always been vociferous about our adoration for handmade hats. Shop a few of our favorite Gigi Burris beauties below, and CLICK HERE to see how Sarah Sophie Flicker wears hers! GigiBurris4|FROM LEFT TO RIGHT| Gigi Burris Millinery Nell fedora, Inclination headband, Bateau hat, Barbed band, and Stallion screen cap