Evil Eye Erin

7th February, 2014

There are conceptual daydreams, artistic meanderings, and then there is real, everyday life: work and meetings and disagreements and happy breakthroughs and everything in between. They’re all awesome. Far-fetched fashion stories remind us to prioritize reverie, to add a feather to our cap or tie a ribbon in our hair. Reality reminds us to have eyes in our back. Fortunately for me, I have an amazing sister who’s always watching mine. Erin (pictured here) and I celebrated our first anniversary of professional partnership this week, so it’s only fitting that she’d choose this moment to school us all in how to work a bold eye in the boardroom.EvilEyeErin2 EvilEyeErin3|ERIN WEARS| Neiman Marcus cashmere beanie, Helmut Lang blazer, Mara Hoffman vest, Peter Som shirt, Holst+Lee necklace, Madewell pants, Pour la Victoire boots, Coach bag |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Austin Phelps

  • Rhea

    This is a fantastic look!

  • Dominique
  • http://fashmongers.wordpress.com/ fashmongers

    Amazing details, in love with this look!


  • http://theplaincanvas.blogspot.com/ Jessie

    cool outfit. that beanie is so cute.


  • sasa
  • Sarah

    That Mara Hoffman vest! Love it.

  • Rossana

    Love this entire ensemble. Also, love that beanie and can’t find it anywhere. Would you say that the Catbird cashmere beanie that you have featured has a similar look and feel while wearing it?

  • Nathalia

    Erin looks wonderful! I love the idea of mixing basic staples with a touch or color! Bravo!


  • Sonja Maria

    The colours on that shirt are fantastic, but the necklace is cramazing (my word for crazy-amazing) – the tassel almost makes it feel like a bolo tie.


  • Sarah Summerlin

    Love Erin’s look!

  • twinkle

    she looks like jennifer aniston in several of these shots! love the beanie. want.

  • laura clayderman

    amazing look! 🙂



  • http://Mysmallwardrobe.com/ Carelia

    This is so me!!! I love every single detail.

    “Denim” Blog post on:

  • http://www.fancyalterego.wordpress.com/ Heather P.

    I think it’s great that you have Erin’s perspective on fashion to contribute to the blog now. While the fantasy aspect of fashion is great, finding ways to incorporate it into our realities isn’t always so easy. She does it flawlessly. 🙂

  • nitabiti.blogspot.com

    You have such pretty eyes color, it amazing!

  • Rika Marushima

    So artistic… fashionable and so surreal.. Making dream as a concept for outfits is something beyond great because there’s that sense of uniqueness in it. But not everyone might understand this, just in case… they could visit the site WGWT (http://whatgoeswiththis.co/) and they could find answers for their outfit problems. Great post!

  • Melanie

    I love the look! Congratulations on your anniversary! Erin, if you need another reason to pursue the evil eye of fashion… http://rumisumaq.com/store/products/macrame-eye-bracelet-9cm-90/

  • http://www.cindyslittleblackbook.com/ Cindy

    I love this 110%!! It’s so beautiful and that necklace doe!!


  • http://thebagreport.com/ The Bag Report

    FAB! That’s all i can say!

  • Alena

    What a stylish sister you have! It must be amazing to work together, happy anniversary you two and keep up the amazing work!

    It’s London Fashion Week next weekend, visit my blog!


    Alena | meet me stylish

  • A&S&H

    Class it up a bit — Wear one of those little things around your neck that has silver studs at its ends. Or wear a Howard Stern wig, or, I don’t know, wear a jockey’s uniform or a military uniform or French Beret. You look like your waiting on the end of a pier waiting for a boat.. I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S ON THE BOAT; DON’T ASK ME THAT! Do you ever talk to the stars? I believe in that you know. You look up and let it all out. I’m a GaGa gams man myself. (And she’s flicking new nic.nac to everyone in the species!) What a gad..

    What happens when the pudding recipe gets misfiled? http://www.annadellorusso.com/2014/01/23/hcp-adr-looks/



  • Kelly Boyer

    That’s beautiful!


  • http://perfectlytayloredblog.com perfectlytaylored

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