Lyrical Abstractions { Abound At Delpozo }

Delpozo1For three seasons now, the Delpozo show has been the moment I most look forward to on the New York Fashion Week calendar. It knocked me off my feet the first time I saw it; I felt I was witnessing one of those monumentous, historic collections of yore ~ like ye olde offerings from Cristobal Balenciaga.

That’s not to imply there’s ever anything nostalgic about the clothes. Delpozo creative director Josep Font’s color palettes, proportions, and plays on silhouette always strike me as fresh, artful, inspiring, thought-provoking and eye-opening. And they’re always achingly chic. Delpozo2Yesterday’s Fall 2014 showing was no exception. Font drew from an obscure, incongruous, but creatively lucent duo of references: the geometric approach to human figures taken by Italian painter Duilio Barnabé bred with the retro-futuristic aesthetic of Logan’s Run. Delpozo3 Delpozo4 Retro-futurism is a visual theme I’ve been thinking a lot about since seeing Her (which I talked about a bit HERE), and it certainly seems relevant in an epoch when we are evolving faster technologically than we are able to match either sociologically or physically. Especially clever artists of our time have recognized and communicated this adolescence-reminiscent dichotomy, even as we as individuals struggle for ways to reconcile ourselves to its imbalances. Reality seems to keep getting weirder, but uncomfortable contrasts are among the only guarantees in life, and thus one of my favorite touchstones in any genre of artistic work. Best to embrace the strangeness.Delpozo5 Delpozo6We slipped backstage before yesterday’s Delpozo show in search of those sorts of lyrical abstractions, those moments caught between cobwebs and sunbeams. As always, the collection shone in its knowingness as much as in its naive beauty… Please click the images to enlarge the clothes’ intelligent details.Delpozo7 Delpozo8 Delpozo9 Delpozo10 Delpozo11 Delpozo12 Delpozo13 Delpozo14 Delpozo15 Delpozo16 Delpozo17 Delpozo18 Delpozo19 Delpozo20 Delpozo21 Delpozo22|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd + Kelly Framel

  • Beauty Follower

    Wow wonderful colors and designs.

    That black bag with the butterflys so brilliant!

  • Sasa Zoe

    Awesome pictures! Love it<3

  • Kelly

    Amazing pictures! Love your blog.

    Have a wonderful day!


  • Stel Style

    amazing collection Josep Font is my favourite fashion design

  • Natalia Bosch

    Stunning photos.

    Lots of Love.

  • Dana Jo

    Gorgeous inspirations!! Wonderful colors!

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  • Kathy Boykin

    These pieces are beyond fashion. They are on another level. So intrigueing. You have to be brave to wear these. I’m torn.

  • Denisa
  • Nico

    Great colors, the light blue dresses are fab!

    Burgundy coat and checked skirt on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • Caroline

    The colours and textures are simply stunning!

  • Costume De Rigueur

    phenomenal…as usual!


  • Sound of Chic

    First of all, you and Zach have taken some stunning photographs lately. Secondly, what a whimsical and ladylike collection! My only critique is the clunky patent leather boots. Otherwise, beautiful and original pieces that I would wear.

    Sound of Chic
    Classic style set to an indie soundtrack

  • Josie Poulsen

    BRIGHT COLORS <3 That makes me happy. Spring is soon!