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BlurredLines_1In my last post, I touched on the work of Alex Prager, who recently opened a new show at Lehmann Maupin gallery in New York. This particular body of work revolves around the sense of being alone in a crowd, the idea that physical proximity does not equate closeness. It’s a truism that’s especially prescient in the Internet age, when we are constantly inundated with messages (tweets, emails, comments, ads) that come without any actual human contact. The movie Her resonates because it doesn’t feel far-fetched. It’s not impossible to imagine a reality comprised of entirely autonomous experiences. Photography itself is isolating by nature; a picture is always removed from that which it captures. Like I spoke about here, the images we make of things often last far longer than the actual recorded objects; although, with Instagram, even images have become increasingly disposable.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Now more than ever, a photograph has the power to speak to millions of people, and a really good one can inspire us to think deeply. I love the way photography can evoke emotion or manipulate meaning, and am powerfully drawn to photographers like Paolo Roversi and Sarah Moon (you must watch this video, where the latter master speaks so poetically to the magic inside small moments). Both artists often purposefully blur the subjects in their images; there’s life inside the messy motion lines.

Vintage appeals because it represents something lasting. Like a true photograph, great design can live on for generations, carrying the energies of past lives, laughs and love affairs along with it. Over the years, animal print has amassed ties to all sorts of ideas about femininity. It can communicate an empowered sex appeal, or be interpreted as tawdry. But femininity itself is greatly layered. Hannah Metz, a New York-based lingerie designer and Los Angeles vintage store proprietor, blurs the lines between independent businesswoman, doting wife, and pouting pinup. Today, we take a bleary-eyed peek into the pastel-tinted playscape that is her personal wonder world. BlurredLines_2|IMAGE AT TOP| Honor coat, DVF dress |ABOVE| Foley + Corinna bag |BELOW| Tabitha Simmons shoes BlurredLines_3 BlurredLines_4 BlurredLines_5|ABOVE| Prism sunglasses BlurredLines_6 BlurredLines_7|ABOVE RIGHT| Lulu Frost necklace |BELOW| clockwise from top left: Holst + Lee earrings, Suzanna Dai earrings, Lulu Frost bracelet, Lulu Frost earrings, Suzanna Dai earringsBlurredLines_8 BlurredLines_9|ABOVE| Sachin + Babi jacket, vintage skirt BlurredLines_10 BlurredLines_11|ABOVE| Lover top, DKNY skirt, Mark Cross bag, Charlotte Olympia heels |BELOW| Karen Walker coat, Betsey Johnson dress, Tabitha Simmons heels BlurredLines_12 BlurredLines_13|ABOVE| vintage collar |BELOW| Suzanna Dai necklace BlurredLines_14|BLURRED LINES| starring Hannah Metz |STYLING + PHOTOGRAPHY| by Kelly Framel

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