An All Day Love Affair

14th February, 2014

Valentine’s Day is indisputably silly, although love itself is a serious thing. I’ll refrain from gushing over how fortunate I feel to have found someone wonderful, and instead simply admit that we work at being good partners to each other every day, and it’s not always easy. Man, is it worth it though.

Just as love takes work, work takes love. Besides a great life partner, I’ve been blessed with amazing artistic partners; he and they all make me so much better than I’m capable of on my own. This Valentine’s Day I invite you to enjoy the work of two of them, Sarah Tyler and Nick Onken ~ friends, hopeless romantics and creative visionaries ~ who together captured the most beautiful little documentary of a day in the life of my love and me. It’s intensely personal, filmed at our home out east, and I hope it inspires you to go out of your way to show someone else how much you adore them, today and every day. Let love lead the way.

|PHOTOGRAPHS| by Nick Onken |CLICK HERE| for a heady dose of romance

  • Lauren

    You guys are too cute.

    Anyone need any last minutes Valentine’s Day outfit ideas? My lookbook has style for the glam girl, boho chic, girlie girl and rocker chic (day and night)! Find it here:

  • ok, OMG!!!!
    You guys were already my couple crush (…and we have an entire ocean between us…but this video….OMG! Are You trying to kill me? It is uber-cute… I can’t believe how well it captured the Love between you guys.
    I am happy to see such an inspiring video on Valentine’s day and, as Nick, “if I could picture my dream relationship it would be in this little motion picture”!


  • Tess D’Urbervilles

    I’ve just finished to see the video: how cute is that? You and your (very handsome) boyfriend are so pretty together ♄

    Happy Valentine’s day!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • Maddie

    You guys are seriously so perfect, so inspiring. I love this post. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • f-bombs & cupcakes

    absolutely love this!


  • Your man is a total hottie. Enjoy your day!


  • Jennifer
  • Androbel

    love these 2 pictures!!

    I will watch the video laters today. love love.



  • tangoella

    Love these photos. Love shows on digital.
    Stop by

  • Denisa

    Hmm.. That is so cute and inspiring. But I am now alone.. So.. Hm..

  • Aul74

    Nice!! How nice & sweet to have somebody doing that for you and have those memories of a normal day on tape for ever.

  • BKCsquared

    This is the sweetest video I’ve ever seen. It looks like an absolutely perfect day… And I wish my homemade meals looked as good as that.

    xo, K

  • What a handsome couple! 🙂 The video was amazing. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

    Closet Confections – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Jenmarie

    Too cute for words!

  • this short movie is just adorable. the way they look at each other makes my heart melt! i can only hope that one day someone will look this way at me x

  • Dominique

    sooooo cute 🙂


    new post up,

  • Emily Richardson

    Thanks for sharing this video and happy silly love day to you both!

  • Susan McDonald

    OMG! So cool and so cute! Loved watching this! Romantic and fun! You two make a great couple! And loved the music! Cheers!

  • You are so adorable together, you look hopelessly in love, just like in the movies lol, I know it takes a lot of work though and not every day is easy, I guess lovers are willing to endure the hard times together to cherish the amazing times. Happy V Day to you both x

  • Awesomely sweet video and that car? !!!!!!! 😉

  • Sophie

    Love the flick – it’s beautiful, as are you two.

    Sophie x

  • lydsbook

    This is so adorable!!

  • ValentineAvoh

    Love does really bring out the best in people!! I remember meeting you in Milan as my boyfriend filmed you for your “dress me up” Dolce Gabbana collaboration and you were already radiant but being next to your man makes you shine like the sun! You are both beautiful and I admire how you both manage to remain natural in front of the camera. It definitely put a smile on my face!
    Hope to meet you again soon!

  • aww :’)

  • inubiyamarsha

    I just watched the video. It was stunning,all the BLESSÄ°NGS to you Kelly & Zach.

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