Adventuring In Iguassu Falls

26th February, 2014

IguassuFalls_1I’ve discovered the best recipe for kicking off a new adventure: reject the record colds of an historic polar vortex by booking a midwinter flight to South America. Plan to arrive in sunshine and style; wear all white and relish every ounce of lightness that hits your skin. IguassuFalls_2|ABOVE| working the runway in a Rebecca Taylor jacket and dress, Westward\Leaning sunnies, Rene Caovilla sandals and Longchamp luggage IguassuFalls_3Our first South American embarkation delivered us at the mouth of Iguassu Falls, one of the most humbling natural masterpieces I’ve yet to experience. A series of hundreds of waterfalls spliced by endless rainbows and stretching nearly two miles long across the border of Brazil and Argentina, they’re a vision that cannot ever truly be described in words or captured in photographs ~ we felt like fools to even try.

As the local legends tell it, a god planned to marry a beautiful woman named Naipí, who fled the wedding in a canoe with her mortal lover Tarobá. As they paddled desperately away, the god severed the river in a jealous rage, creating the waterfalls and condemning the couple to an eternal fall. His intention may have been malevolent, but the result was ultimately miraculous, for it is truly a place for falling in love all over again, again, and again… IguassuFalls_4 IguassuFalls_5 IguassuFalls_6|ABOVE| apres-flight, I swapped out some accessories, adding glasses from The Row and a vintage bag IguassuFalls_7Majestic as the views from atop the falls may be, nothing could compare to the experience of riding a river raft right through them. We screamed and laughed and held on for our lives as angry sprays and soothing mists alternated along the course, bathing our bodies in an ardent, violent, invigorating and ultimately rapturous baptism. IguassuFalls_8We lodged at the idyllic Hotel das Cataratas, whose sweet pink walls open directly to Iguassu. Its Old World charm has offered host to generations of luminaries, including the late, great Princess Diana, and staying there is the only way to gain access to the falls at the first break of day. That’s when the rainbows are most abundant and the surrounding forest most lavish ~ when the birds are most sociable, the sunlight most soft, and the thunderous cascades most achingly impassioned.IguassuFalls_9 IguassuFalls_10 IguassuFalls_11|ABOVE| ambling to dinner in a sheer Henry Lehr caftan IguassuFalls_12|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd and Kelly Framel |PHOTO FOUR| by Jamie Beck

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