The Prozac Of Coats

31st January, 2014

I’ve just returned to chilly city living from the stunning tropical summer of South America, and am trying to reconcile myself to dressing for ice storm survival rather than sunshine. Enter the mystique of a candy-colored coat. SurvivalStrategy2Happily-hued outerwear is a fantastic way to attack the post-holiday gloom that looms over the first few months of the year. I’ve mixed this delicious Karen Millen number with their snow leopard dress (looking outside, the motif seems only appropriate). If you’ve read this site for some time, you may have already detected my adoration for animal prints. I’ve long worn them regularly and consider them a neutral; there isn’t much they won’t mix with. Newer, however, is this growing penchant for pastels, which can be tough to pull off as a grownup as they veer into twee far too easily. For me, it started with Celine’s Fall 2013 collection, and since then I’ve discovered I like them best a little sickly-sweet. For instance, Sandra Bullock’s Golden Globes dress, designed by Prabal Gurung, was a knockout in my eyes. I found its palette sophisticated, challenging, and thus seriously refreshing.

As a color family, pastel hues are a bit like Kim Kardashian ~ a lot easier to detest than embrace. So it’s fitting that the tabloid superstar has been rocking those wonderful Celine coats all winter, and looking better than ever in the process. She’s an unlikely fashion plate who’s suddenly made herself impossible to ignore, and it’s because she’s onto something: a candy-colored coat is the brightest kind of midwinter pick-me-up!

I’ve always maintained that fashion’s magic lies in the ability it lends to write your life’s story anew every day. What you wear is always communicating cues about your narrative to the world, whether you choose to rock a Northface polar fleece or a Fendi fur cubby. Similarly, the best fashion photography takes us on epic visual journeys, and this storytelling capacity bleeds naturally over into the art world. Art photographer Alex Prager has been making waves lately, and she uses clothing to deepen the narrative in still images. There’s frequently a 50’s housewife vibe in her styling choices (cue classic visual tropes like perfectly-coiffed hair and pastels), a reference that invariably evokes ideas about isolation and lonely dissatisfaction. It’s a look designed to conceal harsh realities, or at least smooth over life’s rougher edges. Well, there’s no season as socially disconnecting as a record-cold winter wrapped in an historic polar vortex. As a survival strategy, I heartily suggest throwing on the prozac of coats!

|CLICK HERE| for more pastel loveliness |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Austin Phelps

  • EyeLikeFashion

    This look is perfection! I love snow leopard prints. They are more my color palette than the camel leopard.
    Let’s talk about this coat…..FABULOUSNESSSSSSSS!!!



  • Dominique

    perfect outfit ! love it 🙂

  • holly

    You look AMAZING

  • Maddie

    gorgeous as always!! i love your outfit and that coat!

  • Kimberly Ann

    I LOVE this look! That jacket is gorgeous!


  • Angela

    The outfit (perfectly on point, as usual) is one thing –but your writing! This was a great read.

  • Iliyana Licheva
  • Kristi

    Fabulous print and dreamy coat!

  • Fabulous 30s

    Gorgeous dress and gorgeous coat. Love pastel coat trend.

    Fabulous 30s

  • ClosetConfections

    Fabulous! The weather in NYC has been abysmal lately, but candy- colored coats are a great away to chase away the winter blues.


  • Dana Jo

    Welcome back home!! You look tired dear Kelly!! The coat is gorgeous, love the soft pastell color!
    have a wonderful weekend

    Dana 🙂

  • Kathy Boykin

    Welcome home

  • vittoria gallacci

    Well I love both: the color of your coat and the print of your dress!!! ♄

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  • Nico

    Love taht coat!

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  • Zoe Cayetano

    How pretty is this coat! I really love the color of the coat 🙂


  • Heather P.

    Loving the idea of a colorful coat this time of year – makes me look forward to spring!

  • mel

    What a perfect look! Love the dress as well as the coat! The combination fits great! You look stunning!


  • Marina

    Your outfits are very grand and sophisticated. I hope my online blog will receive the achievements yours has!

  • Smith

    Super cool outfit…..really awesome……

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  • Kellie The Shoe Diva

    I love throwing in a fun-colored piece to brighten mood, too. Fabulous look!

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