{ Proof } Of Pure Passion

ProofAs I write this, I’m packing to fly down to Brazil, and as I think about how I want to look and feel on this upcoming excursion, I’m seriously inspired by the great white shirts we’ve seen on the site this week. My sister and I always laugh about our shared inability to pass up a simple white shirt whenever we see one in stores, and I’m basing my entire travel wardrobe this time around crisp, classic shirts and shirt dresses. I plan to pair them with chunky jewelry (like we’ve also shot a lot of lately!), plus wildly patterned sarongs and silky skirts for a North-meets-South American mashup. The stories we pursue for The Glamourai always come from a place of pure passion, and there’s no better proof of that than the fact that I just bought myself a new 10 Crosby dress and sandals with which to jet outta town (look out for both to inevitably pop up on my Instagram). You’d think I’d have had my fill of them for a bit, but you’d obviously be wrong. When I asked Liz who their customer was, she could’ve just said Kelly Framel.

I love that throughout this past week we’ve been able to bring together the work of so many inspiring women. Check out Shop The Glamourai for fresh arrivals inspired by each of these stories (a few especial favorites above), and make sure to follow my feed as I embark on another epic adventure!