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Macchiato6Progression and evolution are crucial in any creative endeavor, and this year on The Glamourai we are expanding our features, with the intention to create content unlike anywhere else online. We’re adjusting our angle; after all, fashion thrives on freshness.

This week we’re continuing our goal of featuring interesting industry insiders and celebrating those who make the fashion world fascinating. If you recall from last year, one of the lines that stood out most on The Glamourai was 10 Crosby Derek Lam. Out in Amagansett, we shot their tweed coat on Leilani Bishop and their cashmere pajamas on Sarah Tyler. Personally, I’d purchased their drape-front blouse in every color they made and lived in them all summer (as seen HERE and HERE). Come fall, their asymmetric dress became my go-to ~ and it had become clear that these were fantastically unfussy clothes designed to really live in.Macchiato1The line is so luxuriously easy that it made total sense when I learned that the lead designer, Elizabeth Giardina, is a trained sculptor in her early 30s. We met recently, and I was delighted to hear about her journey from art school in St. Louis to taking the reins of a major line on the rise. Tune in on Wednesday for this teatime tête-à-tête between two women who came to New York with bold ideas and big dreams. Macchiato4Liz is known for her signature silver jewelry, especially the oversize rings she piles on every finger. I’d spotted her rocking the look on Le 21ème (above), and that became the starting point for this week’s creative thread. It’s an over-the-top touch from someone whose style is otherwise understated. Tomorrow, we’ll bring you an editorial interpretation of Liz’s distinctive look, wherein model Kimbra Lo dreamily brings 10 Crosby’s spring silhouettes to life. Macchiato5Last week we got to know Coco + Breezy ~ two other young women with an adventurous dress sense and dauntless eye for design ~ and we’ll close out this one by bringing all these stories full circle in an accessory edit, showcasing a few ways in which their brash eyewear designs play surprisingly well with Liz’s quieter work (with a cameo from some colorful robots). If last week was a sloshy piña colada, this is the next morning’s macchiato.


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    why are you so awesome? lovin the fresh new angle you always strive for! One thing I would love as a reader is the opportunity to submit a question for your tete-a-tetes, which are becoming more frequent. you have this wonderful access to young, creative designers, both established and upcoming, and i’m curious about so many of them.

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      Great idea! I’d love to have some reader involvement in this arena, and will give some thought to the best way to do so. Thanks for the feedback!


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