The Suburban Outskirts

16th December, 2013

SuburbanOutskirts1Austin, Texas ~ the end of the map on our road trip across the Southwest ~ is a place forever in flux. It’s an artistic oasis occupying its own plane of existence amidst the conservativeness of the rest of the state, a university town that constantly expands and contracts as populations of vibrant, young people come and go, shaping a unique culture in their wake.

Always infamously cool, Austin more than ever seems to be having a moment. Its internationally-renowned music community has long been entrenched, but film, food and fashion are becoming increasingly well-established beacons of its scene. It’s a town that prides itself on weirdness. We swooped in to shoot local cool kid Maggie Lea (founder of Cinema East film festival and music booker for Cheer Up Charlie’s) in frocks from Feathers (arguably the city’s best vintage boutique), letting her loose in an emerging East Austin neighborhood seeped in the cinder, cedar, and pastel musk of suburban surrealism. SuburbanOutskirts2|ABOVE| Maggie wears a ManiaMania necklace, a scarf-turned-top by Feathers, a Comme des Garcons dress and Ann Demeulemeester boots (worn throughout) |BELOW| a Harley Davidson t-shirt paired with a vintage western belt and heart-pocket skirt SuburbanOutskirts3 SuburbanOutskirts4|ABOVE RIGHT| ManiaMania necklace, vintage tie dye dress |BELOW| Dries Van Noten top, Jones & Co. skirt, Chanel jacket SuburbanOutskirts5 SuburbanOutskirts6|ABOVE| Thierry Mugler blazer, ManiaMania and Leah Ball necklaces, Contempo Casuals dress |BELOW| Chanel jacket, Patricia Wolf fringed-suede top, vintage necklace and skirt SuburbanOutskirts7 SuburbanOutskirts8 SuburbanOutskirts9|ABOVE| vintage suede jacket and snakeskin dress SuburbanOutskirts10 SuburbanOutskirts11|THE SUBURBAN OUTSKIRTS| starring Maggie Lea |PHOTOGRAPHY + STYLING| by Kelly Framel |SHOT ON LOCATION| in East Austin |ALL CLOTHES + ACCESSORIES| from Feathers Vintage Boutique

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