Journey To The Grand Canyon

12th December, 2013

GrandCanyon1On a cold November morning, we woke up in an old hotel off Route 66 to the slipper-soft whisper of snow swaddling the world around us. The day had come to journey to the Grand Canyon, one of nature’s great wonders. GrandCanyon2Sleepily, we boarded a restored 1920’s coal train, which sped in long ascent to the canyon’s South Rim. Outside its giant, icy windows, the landscape rapidly evolved, snow dissipating into a pillowy fog through which we could just make out the shapes of elk grazing freely in the piney hillside. GrandCanyon3 GrandCanyon4We’d booked seats in the very last car, in order to enjoy the view from the small platform attached to the train’s rear, but spent most of our time curled up in the parlor, contented as cats on its overstuffed Victorian settees. GrandCanyon5 GrandCanyon6 GrandCanyon7When we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon after two and a half hours on the train, we found it filled to the brim with a densely settled fog. Nothing could be seen. GrandCanyon8There was little we could do but take shelter in El Tovar Hotel, a Twin Peaks-esque lodge nearby, warming ourselves with hot toddies by the fire while waiting for the intense haze to hopefully lift. GrandCanyon9 GrandCanyon10 GrandCanyon11Eventually, the thick fog indeed unfurled, and we were rewarded with the most majestic view. GrandCanyon12 GrandCanyon13I tried to imagine what early explorers must have thought when they stumbled upon this surreal scenery for the first time. Unprepared, how could you process such a view?! They must have thought the world was ripping itself inside out. GrandCanyon14Throughout this trip, from the extravagant comfort of our finely crafted luxury automobile, I kept trying to wrap my head around the challenges Native Americans and later pioneers must have faced in settling the vast lands of the southwest. The endless obstacles involved! Can you even fathom crossing the Grand Canyon on horseback, without a map? Think about how tough those pioneer women must have been, and there I was in a paper-thin, lucite-heeled boot. How quickly times have changed, and yet to think that it’s been 17 million years since the Colorado River first established its course through the canyon, beginning the process that created its present day formation. Its greatness and the things it’s seen are absolutely incomprehensible to me. What a sight to behold. GrandCanyon15 GrandCanyon16 GrandCanyon17|I WORE| Kelly Framel x Satya Twena hat, Timo Weiland coat, Donna Karan leather jacket, Salvatore Piccolo top, SHIRT by Comme des Garcons pants, Falke socks and Maison Martin Margiela shoes GrandCanyon18|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd and Kelly Framel

  • I’M SOLD!!! I will bookmark this post, because I am going to the GC. My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip to Montana, then drive to Colorado. We are very excited about it. Then, the next trip will be to the canyons and just because you inspired me and I know he won’t mind. We both love outdoors and road trips.
    Your photos are wonderful, mainly the ones with the fog and the canyons behind you. I wish you even more fun.

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  • circafashion

    Speechless. So gorgeous

  • Buzygurl

    These photos are super beautiful . So peaceful to look at !


  • Once again… What an amazing set of pictures!

  • These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!

    Mafalda ❀

  • Royal Wang

    This place is so beautiful,like heaven,thank your for your post

    I invite you to my blog:

  • Elaine2

    the plural for a group of elk is: elk. Not elks.

  • Such a fun trip!! Love the pictures. That hat is fabulous!

  • adela cechova

    Stunning! I must visit one day.
    Adela x

  • Liz

    your photos are always beyond amazing. such a gorgeous setting!!

  • Love the Grand Canyon. I’m lucky to have grown up nearby to enjoy the beauty. I love your jacket so much and that shot of you overlooking the canyon is seriously breathtaking. Love your travels

  • Chloe Polo

    I love your nose ring and your ankle boots <3
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  • Aul74

    As a Geologist and a fashion lover, I adore your post 🙂 The DK Jacket was absolutely perfect for the trip.

  • Bookmarked this post and send it to everybody who would care! This is the trip I want to take with my special someone.
    Beautiful photos. Do you guys own the print that says: Darling, let’s be adventurers.
    You should. Because you two truly are!

  • Shopopal

    Love the hat & leather jacket!

  • Julia Fuller

    Thank you for paying tribute to my beautiful and tough as nails ancestors in your comments Kelly! I always look forward to my AM office break with your creativity, it never disappoints.

  • Sarita Williams

    Visiting the Grand Canyon has never crossed my mind before as a place to experience. I’ve seen prints and have always known that it is a beautiful site to see, but after looking at your breathtaking pictures and reading your serene take on visiting this landmark I am more interested in seeing it for myself. Thank you.

    Sarita W.

  • el armario de la nena

    wow 😀

  • Gloria Santos

    Wonderful pictures and great description! Can’t wait to go on my road trip to the Grand Canyon!!


    I am loving the onslaught of travel posts lately. You do it with fresh eyes.


  • Holy s*!% that view! I’d be TERRIFIED, but I want to go nonetheless. So amazing.

    xo Ashley

  • Costume De Rigueur

    I’ve been traveling to Far West while I was scrolling down the photos…an amazing story…


  • Just incredible shots kelly.x

    p.s. I went to the canyon about 10 years ago and my photos just don’t do it justice, but, in my memory, it was just like this.

  • Smart Dresser

    Amazing pictures! Merry Christmas 🙂


  • Breathaking…this is the no.1 place to visit in US on my wish list.
    Thank you for this amazing post, the pictures, and for sharing your thougths on how it must have been for the women (and men) who lived here before there were trains, or planes…

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