{ Sliding Doors }

SlidingDoors1Do you remember the old 90′s Gwyneth Paltrow movie, Sliding Doors? It told two stories in one, based off the idea that the difference of a couple minutes can seemingly change your storyline completely ~ and yet, somehow we each end up where we’re supposed to be in the end. Is it all a result of fate or circumstances? An impending new year makes questions like these feel especially timely. What do we want to do next?

Fashion ~ and more so personal style ~ is also about making small daily choices that end up shaping the events of your life: where you go, who you meet, how you carry yourself and thus are perceived. Our individual versions of fashion owe to our unique, varied experiences. Choose your own adventure. For me this week, that meant interpreting the inspirations gleaned during my southwest road trip, and translating them into a New York City holiday-party-appropriate ensemble. It’s rugged leather over disco chic; Studio 54 meets Sundance!SlidingDoors2 SlidingDoors3 SlidingDoors4 SlidingDoors5|WEARING| Karen Millen jacket and gown, old Zara boots |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Austin Phelps