Home For The Holidays

4th December, 2013

Aerie1While I cherish my moments spent adventuring around the world, this time of year all I want is to be cuddled up at home. Our little cottage in Amagansett is the ideal retreat. We’ve watched the leaves around it change colors and fall, and were delighted to find ourselves there for the season’s first snow. Out east, I don’t leave home for days. We build roaring fires while soup simmers on the stove, and I hide out and read and write and paint, completely content in a wardrobe of boy shorts, beanies, soft robes and featherweight flannels. It’s an absolute heaven. Aerie2 Aerie3 Aerie4 Aerie5These days, my fashion fixations seem to focus exclusively on pajamas and jewelry, but it’s all I really need right now. It’s especially appropriate to the season for me, as we have a time-honored tradition in our family of giving each other new pi’s every Christmas Eve. This started when we were kids, for my mother loved seeing us in adorable little getups as we excitedly tore through our surprises from Santa. Aerie6We’ve continued the tradition ever since, as pajamas are the only clothes we dare try to buy for each other these days. It’s in tribute to this custom that I felt so honored to be asked to build out a little shop-in-shop for Aerie this month, stocking it with all the pieces I’d like to give, get, and wear around the house this holiday season. Aerie7I’m excited to share these sweet pieces with you, in hopes that you too may carry on this ritual with the ones you hold dear. Aerie8 Aerie9Further inspired by this idea of traditions-gone-viral, I’ll be hosting a Twitter chat with Aerie this afternoon from 2-3pm EST, and do hope you’ll tune in to talk about what giving and getting and snuggling and cuddling mean to you this time of year ~ follow @TheGlamourai and @Aerie to get in on the #MerryAerie fun! Aerie10 Aerie11|ALL CLOTHES + ACCESSORIES| by Aerie |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd and Kelly Framel

TWITTER CHAT: Wednesday, Dec 4th (today!), from 2-3pm EST

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