{ Falling In Love } At Geminola

Geminola1Cunningly concealed in the cellar level of an idyllic West Village townhouse ~ tucked away on a lushly tree-lined street ~ lies the creative studio of Lorraine Kirke, designer of the achingly romantic indie label Geminola. Its name is taken from the combined monikers of Lorraine’s four children: daughters Jemima (who stars as Jessa in HBO’s ‘Girls‘), Domino and Lola, plus a G for son Greg. A name that conjures up a love for family is fitting of a clothing line that is all about history and heritage, reinterpreted. Geminola2To step into Lorraine’s world is to tumble down a rose-colored rabbit hole into another place and time, one not wholly of the past yet far from rooted in anything so humdrum as everyday realities. It’s a magical little underworld, designed for daydreaming nymphs with a naughty streak. Geminola3It’s inside this delicious little space that Lorraine and her team imagine, craft, and create the one-of-a-kind works that are sold in Geminola’s nearby store. Each piece is hand made, using vintage fabrics sourced round the world and hand dyed in the studio’s enormous, antique basin sink. Geminola4 Geminola5 Geminola6Geminola is about taking exceptional old treasures ~ ribbons from a now-defunct factory in Paris, bits of lace from Portobello Road, a crinoline skirt from Tennesse or silk hat flowers from the Chelsea flea market ~ and making them into something fantastically new. These remixed beauties include fairytale frocks for idealists of all ages, napkins for the kitchen, linens and curtains for the bedroom, and even softly scented candles poured into old tea tins (below). Geminola7 Geminola8As the matriarch of a family brimming with talent, Lorraine clearly has a knack for inspiring those around her, and both her studio and store are a feast for the senses. She makes the old feel new, and the new feel old. She designs for the same sort of women she has raised: artistic independents with haunting beauty and an unapologetic individualism. Geminola9 Geminola10 Geminola11 Geminola12 Geminola13 Geminola14The aforementioned store, located at 41 Perry Street, is the ultimate girlish reverie. Its brocade-papered walls are practically hidden in a wealth of tulle and velvet dresses, and its ceiling hosts an explosion of silk lampshades (also made by Lorraine and team) and rosé crystal chandeliers. Scattered in amongst the designer’s fresh creations are rare vintage bags, belts, scarves and jewels. Altogether, it’s a love story worth falling for. Geminola15 Geminola16 Geminola17 Geminola18|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd