Anndra Neen

19th December, 2013

AnndraNeen1Immense imagination courses densely through the cores of Pheobe and Annette Stephens, two visionary sisters who grew up surrounded by artists in Mexico City. Their grandmother was a painter, sculptor and jeweler whose work was collected by Frida Kahlo, Anaïs Nin, Helena Rubinstein and Peggy Guggenheim, and whose eclecticism left an indelible mark on her two beguiling granddaughters. AnndraNeen2The sisters collaborate on Anndra Neen, a jewelry line that is hand-crafted in their native Mexico. It’s inspired by the strangely beautiful, and their New York City atelier is filled with the arresting artwork of assorted family members alongside 200-year-old artifacts, talisman and spiritually-dense ephemera. AnndraNeen3|ABOVE| Annette (in foreground) wears an Anndra Neen necklace, Donna Karan sweater, and Tome dress // Phoebe wears stacked Anndra Neen bangles (HERE and HERE) with a Carolina Herrera top layered over a Wes Gordon tulle tank, Donna Karan skirt and Christian Louboutin shoesAnndraNeen4The collection is infused with that distinctively Latin American blend of power and sensuality, and the pieces themselves are like wearable sculptures for seductive warriors. Jewelry lore idolizes the idea of bijoux being bought for a woman. But Phoebe and Annette get excited when a woman buys a piece for herself, as it represents a romance with herself. This idea of self-celebration and feminine empowerment is integral to their work.AnndraNeen5|ABOVE| Phoebe wears two Anndra Neen necklaces with a White + Warren sweater and Celestino ball gown // Annette wears a Celestino cape and gown with an Anndra Neen necklace and Donna Karan sweaterAnndraNeen6Phoebe and Annette share an indefatigable work ethic and an insatiable wanderlust, and it was on a trip to Japan ~ during which the sisters immersed themselves in the world of Wabi-sabi ~ that they decided to start a line together. Travel continues to shape their work, and they cite destinations like Southeast Asia, Africa, and even the sedimentary gradations of Arizona’s mountain ranges as influences in the pieces. AnndraNeen7|ABOVE| Cage motifs are the house’s best-recognized signature, covering everything from cuffs to clutches AnndraNeen8Working with a combination of sterling silver and mixed metals, Anndra Neen continuously pushes boundaries. For an installation in Hong Kong the designers enlarged their pieces to five times their size, exhibiting the jewelry as sculpture. They’ve collaborated with Matthew Ames and have been worn by Michelle Obama. In crafting each collection, Pheobe and Annette are manifesting a truly unique sensibility that honors their creative, familial, and cultural legacy. AnndraNeen9 AnndraNeen10 AnndraNeen11They believe in the totemic power of objects that are lovingly handmade and passed down over generations. Like so many of us, they yearn to return to a definition of luxury that is enduring and personal, in which you can sense the artisan’s thumbprint in every piece. AnndraNeen12 AnndraNeen13|BELOW| Phoebe wears an Anndra Neen necklace with a Bellavance robe and Lover pants // Annette wears an Anndra Neen necklace with a Tome caftan AnndraNeen14|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd and Kelly Framel |STYLING| by Kelly Framel

  • Rhea

    They are so inspiring. Love their work and personal style. Great post, very well written.

  • fashmongers

    Stunning! They have an inspiring style, and you reflected this very well


  • Simona Huidiu

    wow..what an inspiring and artistic post..I adore it and I admire these girls for their passion and determination:)

  • Mafalda

    Beautiful pictures!

    Mafalda ❤

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  • Molly {Dreams in HD}

    what a beautiful post. not only do these sisters have impeccable style and an amazing creative eye, they are absolutely gorgeous both inside and out. thanks for the inspiration kelly!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Liz

    i am dying over these photos!

  • Marissa Gallo

    I loved this post! I really like the way you write and explain things as if there was some kind of magic on them.
    Greetings from Mexico! :D

  • Irene Laura
  • Three Girls One Apple

    Absolutely stunning jewelry and an inspiring story! The photos are gorgeous, too! xoxo

  • Shopopal

    Love the necklaces! Great statement piece.

  • RockofEden

    WOW! Amazing accessories in this story. Thank you for such a great post!

  • Jill

    Fyi Mexico isn’t in South America

  • Nico

    What incredible jewels!

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • Janifer

    The post is ossom, Also the pictures are stunning.

  • Aurelia

    These girls are beautiful and so is their art! I look forward to seeing more from them in the future ~


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