Victoria’s Secret: Revealed!

26th November, 2013

The Victoria’s Secret show is not known for its subtlety; in fact, it prides itself on having perfected the art of the spectacle. It is fashion’s version of a 3-ring circus, and yet the backstage beauty trends this season were refreshingly natural. I’ve been slowly cultivating my own no-makeup makeup look lately, so I asked Dick Page, lead makeup artist for the show, to share a few of his signature tricks to getting the look. VSBeauty2He filled me on his favorite products employed, from the black-brown eyeliner he prefers to the best way to use the VS Eyeshadow Quad in Eye Contact (treat the dark chocolate as a base color, then apply the shimmery gold tone over just the inner half of the eye, to catch the light). VSBeauty3For a super-natural flush, he eschewed traditional blush and instead applied a smudge of Color Drama Lipstick in Taken to the apples of the model’s cheeks. Afterward, he layered a sheer foundation over that bit of lipstick, allowing the cheeks to emit the most natural flush and seamless complexion possible. May I effusively admit that this tip rocked my world?! Though I love it, I haven’t worn blush in months, as I inevitably find it to look terribly obvious. Now I apply it before my foundation, and I’m loving the result. VSBeauty4 VSBeauty5The models were given natural waves with the assist of a large-barreled curling iron. CLICK HERE to revisit my own tutorial for achieving romantic curls, or HERE for my current, messier look. VSBeauty6 VSBeauty7 VSBeauty8|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd

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