The Magic Of Catbird

11th November, 2013

Catbird1It’s no secret that I’m an enormous Catbird enthusiast. I maniacally collect their delicate gold rings, and have at least one permanently encircling every finger (and another in my nose). Their bath products dominate my vanity and their candles litter my apartment. I’ve long been living in a Catbird world! Catbird2 Catbird3The shop itself, located at 219 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, is about the size of a generous walk-in closet ~ in other words, totally disproportionate to the demand for the store’s signature bijoux. I don’t even try to go in on Saturdays, when a line of fans and bewildered boyfriends snakes out the door and down the block. It’s a sight that always makes me smile though, as I’ve been an adamant devotee since before they even existed in this now-famous location, back when they occupied an equally small but less accessible storefront on Metropolitan ~ before my secret spot had become the widely adored darling of Brooklyn’s creative elite. Catbird4 Catbird5It’s been fun to watch them grow, and nobody deserves success more than this group of hardworking women. They’ve tapped into the zeitgeist in such a brilliant way, proffering handmade, fine jewelry in a refreshingly approachable, laid-back fashion. Gone are the intimidating security guards and armored glass cases of your grandmother’s jewelry stores; at Catbird, those tired tropes have been replaced by tattooed beauties and repainted flea market furniture. It’s a new kind of luxury, one that whispers sweetly and has no need for the too-easy obviousness of yesterday’s noisy bling-bling. Catbird6Don’t get me wrong, I totally adore the bombastic glamour of Fifth Avenue’s world-famous jewelers, and my eyes will forever alight at the sight of the rubies of Bulgari and the panthers at Cartier. However, for far too long there existed too great a gap between those untouchable treasures and the jewelry available for everyday wear. Costume was really the only option. But I have learned that it’s the pieces you wear constantly ~ be they clothing or jewelry ~ that you should really invest in. Quality prevails most in the everyday moments. Catbird7 Catbird8This is what Catbird does so brilliantly: informal luxury. Their pieces strike just the right balance between understated and stylish, so you really don’t ever have to take them off. I shower, workout and sleep in mine! They become a part of you. They’re special enough to be prized and collectable, but still highly attainable, making a great stepping stone into the domain of fine jewelry. For instance, my younger sister Erin buys herself a little Catbird ring to commemorate important moments in life, like graduating college and moving to New York. Her very personal collection reflects the evolution of the woman she is still becoming. Catbird9 Catbird10Recently, Erin and I paid a visit to Catbird’s inner sanctum, a sun-drenched studio several blocks away from the Bedford Avenue boutique. This is where the real magic happens, where inspiration walls are plastered with kitty cat masks and portraits of Woody Allen, where punk rock princesses hammer out each and every ring by expertly trained, tattooed hand. As if the message weren’t already loud and clear: this is the cool girl’s jewelry store. Catbird11 Catbird12Bunny tagged along for the fun, to show off her new vintage fur coat and with hopes of scoring a covetable place in the brand’s #dogsofcatbird Instagram gallery. Her dreams were realized. Catbird13We three girls got to preview what Catbird’s got coming up for the holidays, an experience which foreshadows that a ‘one for you, one for me’ shopping policy will define my gifting agenda this season. How am I supposed to resist?! Catbird14|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd

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