Daydream Believer

13th November, 2013

At this point, it seems to be a firmly established fashion fact that pj’s are acceptable daytime attire. For several season now, designers from The Row to Alexander Wang to Nanette Lepore have been purporting the power of the pajama, and I myself drank the koolaid in a big way while traveling around Asia ~ a stylistic dedication that has hardly lessened since I returned home. The secret to pulling the idea off lies in luxurious fabrications like printed silk and featherweight cashmere, plus just enough confidence to energetically deflect any remaining skeptics. Photographer Nick Onken follows filmmaker Sarah Tyler into the woods, where she proves it’s a sleepwalk to pull off.

DaydreamBeliever1|ABOVE| H+M beanie, 10 Crosby Derek Lam top and pants, The Sockman socks, vintage boots (worn throughout)

DaydreamBeliever2|ABOVE + BELOW| H+M beanie, ALC top and pants, Sleepy Jones top (at waist) DaydreamBeliever3 DaydreamBeliever4|ABOVE + BELOW| Catbird beanie, Piamita top and pants DaydreamBeliever5 DaydreamBeliever6|ABOVE + BELOW| American Eagle hat, 10 Crosby Derek Lam cashmere top and pants, Sleepy Jones top (layered underneath) DaydreamBeliever7 DaydreamBeliever8|ABOVE + BELOW| COS beanie, Bailey 44 top and pants DaydreamBeliever9|DAYDREAM BELIEVER| starring Sarah Tyler |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Nick Onken |STYLING| by Kelly Framel

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