Canang Sari Meets The City Streets

6th November, 2013

Chinatown1This last spring, I traveled to Bali with the Timo Weiland design team, and together we hunted for inspiration on its glorious shores. My remembrances of the trip are colored by blue skies and green palm fronds, of overflowing fruit stands, floral prayer offerings sweetly littering the streets, black sand beaches and vibrant ikat prints. Our days were filled with surfing and motorcycling, and our nights spent in raucous revelry with the local rebel rousers.

Since returning home to New York together, I’ve loved watching the little ways in which these indelible experiences have trickled into their work, manifesting themselves in ocean blue tonal prints and watery batiks, in the choice of an ivory matelasse that appears as if it were embossed by the shrunken leaves of a palm tree, and in hot pink, digitally-mixed prints that recall jumbled lanterns lighting the night. Inspired in my own right, last week I set off on an afternoon adventure with a few of their newest pieces and model Alex Wynn, who embodied the toughly lovely role of the downtown street urchin, New York City’s own unique breed of exotic hothouse flower. Chinatown2|ABOVE + TOP| Glamourpuss hat, Timo Weiland dress and blouse, Wayuu Tribe bag, La Canadienne bootsChinatown3|ABOVE| Tracy Watts hat, Slight Jewelry necklace and rings, Timo Weiland jacket, blouse and skirt |BELOW| Mossimo beanieTimo Weiland coat, blouse and skirt, La Canadienne boots Chinatown4 Chinatown5|ABOVE| Tracy Watts hat, vintage scarf, Timo Weiland dress and blouse, Wayuu Tribe bag, La Canadienne boots |BELOW| Freecity hat, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply scarf, Timo Weiland jacket (similar), tank and skirt (similar), Wayuu Tribe bag Chinatown6|CANANG SARI AND THE CITY STREETS| starring Alex Wynn of MSA Models |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Austin Phelps |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |BEAUTY| by Ana Sicat

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