Shopping In Shanghai

2nd October, 2013

Shanghai1The shopping scene in China is overwhelmingly dominated by massive malls, so part of our mission there involved sussing out and supporting the best independent boutiques we could find. A standout in Shanghai was OOAK, a concept shop in the French Concession, a picturesque neighborhood that dates back to the 1800s, when France maintained territories across Asia. Shanghai2OOAK offers the anti-mall experience, with surprising, personal touches in every corner. Its shelves are stocked with a well-edited selection of independent designers, both local and global ~ from Pachacuti to We Are Handsome.Shanghai4 Shanghai5|ABOVE| ring by Lana Jewelry Shanghai6 Shanghai7|ABOVE| a refreshing update on the pearl necklace by Melanie Georgacopoulus Shanghai8|ABOVE| wearing a gold choker from Camilla Dietz Bergeron, pendant necklace by Lana Jewelry and bangle by Pamela Love, on loan from LoveGold |BELOW| earrings by Lana Jewelry Shanghai9 Shanghai10 Shanghai11Many ancient Chinese traditions have sadly faded away, but one that is still upheld beautifully is the importance given and care taken with tea. Tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine, in cuisine, and is consumed regularly in both very formal and incredibly casual everyday ways. I myself love tea, and was delighted by the brilliant packaging design and surprising menu options at Song Fang Maison de Thé, located a stone’s throw from OOAK. Shanghai12 Shanghai13I always travel with really versatile, comfortable clothes that can easily be dressed up or down, and this Primary dress (which I first showed you in THIS SHOOT) was a dream in the Shanghai heat. Paired with an Amanda Joy clutch and Isabel Marant shoes, it’s pretty much the quintessence of where I’m at stylistically these days: walking a fuzzy line between easy elegance, restrained bohemianism and travel-inspired artistry. Cleo Schroeder, my good friend and the designer of Primary, spent much of last year living in Hong Kong, and I love seeing the way that experience has shaped and evolved her work. Shanghai14In Shanghai we stayed at the Puli Hotel, a swanky take on Zen living and a lovely oasis for the few days before we bounced over to Beijing! Shanghai15To keep up with all my Asiatic adventures, make sure to FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM

|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd

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  • Czech Blondýn
  • What amazing pieces and pictures!! I also love your flowy dress paired with those gladiator heels.

  • Onemoreshoes

    <3 Beautiful woman! ;D

  • I just love your pictures, your style, your rings… Everything really!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Luba

    What a great way to share your amazing experience, while reading and browsing I was literally transported to Shanghai !

    XX Luba

    Ying Yang inspirations in
    my look, today on

  • Irene Laura
  • Love your dress. 🙂

    Ru|Glitter & Blush

  • lena
  • Looks like a wonderful boutique! I don’t know how you can tour around in heels – but you look great!

  • Rougeuse

    Beautiful outfit and great post! Something different and so lovely. x

  • Justine Beaudry

    Beautiful – as always! Can I ask what metal is your nose ring? I’ve always wanted the tiniest of nose rings and yours is done perfectly. Thank you!

    • theglamourai

      Thank you! And the ring is gold with a tiny little diamond. My friend Jamie Beck and I got the matching piercings together in honor of my recent birthday!


      • Justine Beaudry

        Thank you! And Happy Belated!

  • Flawless. The scenery and this dress is amazing! I am certain that was quite an experience.

  • Beauty Follower

    Nice photos, beautiful white stone necklace!

  • Love you in that yellow dress!

  • Madison

    Wow! I love that yellow dress! Such a pretty piece!
    I’m sure China is beautiful and poppin right now! 🙂

  • That pearl necklace is stunning and probably the only way I’ll ever wear pearls!

    xo Ashley

  • Beckerman Girls

    Your pics are off the CHARTS AMAMZZZZING!!! Tell Zach that he’s killin’ it!!! SOOO beautiful and u look so gorgeous babe! Have the bessst time! Love u! xoBeckerman babes

  • Lovely photos! I do miss your dark pixie hair, though. 🙁 That ring reminded me of a jade ring I had made for me, though it was smaller. I lost it so seeing your photo made me wish I had it again!

  • Jacqueline Jax

    This was such a lovely post. I look forward to reading your blog. Beautiful imagery, wonderful story. Xoxo, Jax

  • rouxa megala.megethi
  • Androbel

    Love your style. The way you do your hair is magnificent.

    Love the jewelry with the green stones.

    You are very lucky to be doing this.

    *** New post up! visit me 🙂 ***

  • Ally

    I think it’s sad that you didn’t showcase any local talents here.

  • GigiTin

    Hey! Dont take this the weong way. You are really beautiful and so stylish, but lately I’ve seen some sun damage on your skin. Be careful with that, please. Since you’re in a diferent latitude, uou should double the amount of SPF! Good luck!

  • lisa evans

    I’ve been to China for work a few times when I used to work in clothing manufacturing. I personally found it a rough place to visit. Glad you found some inspiring stores and shops while you were there! Hong Kong is a must see!

  • ellie

    im loving the photos 🙂


  • Katrina

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  • Alexa Noelle

    Beautiful pictures!

    Faux Euro Femme

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