2 Nights In Bangkok

25th October, 2013

Bangkok1Bangkok, Thailand: the last stop of our epic Asian adventure. My favorite way to travel is sans itinerary, which was our modus operandi on this trip. We had a return-to-New-York date locked in from the beginning, but everything after China was a wash of open-ended days, waiting to be filled. We had the freedom to wake up in the morning and decide to fly that afternoon from one city to the next, hastily booking flights and hotels on our phones as a taxi charioteered us to the airport. Going to Thailand hadn’t actually been part of our original loose plan ~ we didn’t think we’d have time ~ but in the end we just knew we’d be heartbroken if we hadn’t at least seen it. Thus, we eked out a final 48 hours in Bangkok. Bangkok2Of course, we hit the markets, buying fresh coconut water and colorful accessories for future shoots. I continued my commitment to pajama dressing, wearing another silk set I’d had made in Hoi An. The top was modeled after THIS ONE and the pants were loosely based on THESE. I accessorized with my forever-favorite Lanvin for H+M sunnies (which I customized years ago with lighter lenses), the Chief Trunk clutch that served me well throughout the trip, and the same pair of perfectly classic K Jacques sandals that I wore around the Forbidden City in Beijing. Bangkok3 Bangkok4Bangkok is a densely populated place, so the fastest ways to get around are by death-defying tuk-tuk rides (bonus points if your driver knows all the backroads and alleyways, and isn’t afraid to rock out on the wrong side of the road), or by water taxiing along the river. Bangkok5Throughout this journey, we were continuously tickled by the distinct cultural differences separating what flies at home from what is accepted abroad ~ and being plied with beers as we boarded each boat was a fun anomaly. More than anything else, I just adored the design of the cans! Bangkok6I also loved seeing the way people live on and with the water, as our boat sped past urban versions of the little fishing villages we encountered in Ha Long Bay. Bangkok7 Bangkok8We visited four countries in all (China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand), and each one was markedly different from the last ~ from the food to the language to the system of government, and every little cultural differentiation in between. Even the styles of temple building varied drastically, with dizzying displays of mosaic work covering many of the ones we encountered in Bangkok. Bangkok9 Bangkok10Appropriately, our Asiatic exploits began and ended with GOLD. Bangkok11 Bangkok12Grateful for all the wondrous things we’d seen and the marvelous memories we had made, we finished this sojourn by bringing fragrant floral offerings to the golden Buddha, laying our delicate petals at his feet with a deep sense of gratitude, reverence, and a renewed humility, feeling so fortunate to enjoy such beautiful little lives in such a marvelously multifarious world. Bangkok13 Bangkok14 Bangkok15|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd and Kelly Framel|CLICK HERE| to revisit all our adventures!

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