A Golden Moment

3rd October, 2013

As I intimated HERE, our second day in Hong Kong began a week-long exploration of both the traditional and newly developing jewelry scene in China. Gold, specifically, is experiencing massive, unprecedented demand in China right now, and it was interesting to see what a wide range of designers are doing with it. It’s long been an integral part of their culture, as gold jewelry is the customary wedding present, meant to symbolize prosperity and a long and happy life together. GoldenMoment2|ABOVE| A white gold locket ring by Dickson Yewn, filled with an incalculable trove of diamonds |BELOW| Dickson Yewn’s signature Floral Lattice Bangle, which plays beautifully on a host of Chinese traditional tropes GoldenMoment3Our first stop was Dickson Yewn’s jewel box of a shop, located inside the Landmark in Central Hong Kong. It was the perfect place to start, as Yewn’s work is fully rooted in his culture’s artistic history and heritage. Even as the country propels itself into a new economic future, his single-minded mission is to make beautiful, haute couture jewelry that recalls the soul and traditions of the now-defunct Chinese monarchy, jewelry that preserves the philosophies and rich artisanship that the country’s leaders once held dear. GoldenMoment4Those traditions are celebrated in every aspect of Yewn’s world, from the authentic Qing Dynasty hair pins on display (above) to the store’s hand-woven, peony-patterned silk wall coverings (below). Peony, ‘the flower of wealth and honor’, is a symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture and was the emblem of the Qing Dynasty ~ the last imperial dynasty of China, which was overthrown in 1912. GoldenMoment5 GoldenMoment6|ABOVE| antique marionnettes, also preserved from the time of the Qing Dynasty, decorate Dickson Yewn’s store windows GoldenMoment7The twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac cycle are all important cultural motifs, and as someone born in the Year of the Pig, I couldn’t help but be charmed by Yewn’s sweet little piggy earrings (above) and pendants (below). In ancient times, The Pig was yet another symbol of prosperity and good fortune, as only a wealthy family could afford such a quality food source. GoldenMoment8After Hong Kong, we took a short drive to Shenzhen, marking our premiere arrival in mainland China. Although Hong Kong is technically part of the same country today, it was under British rule until 1997, and still maintains a different political system than the mainland as part of China’s ‘one country, two systems’ principle. Because of this, the two regions have different moods and mores; experiencing that contrast firsthand was an incredible learning experience for me. GoldenMoment9In Shenzhen ~ one of the fastest-growing cities in the world ~ we visited the workshops and showroom of Frank Wu. I loved watching Wu’s artisans smelting and forging the gold into pretty pieces of jewelry. Witnessing the two wedding bands (below) being forged in flames seemed like a powerful allusion to the oaths that they symbolize, the promise that a couple makes to stand by each others’ sides through any hardship life may bring. GoldenMoment10 GoldenMoment11Frank Wu’s work is both more contemporary and economically accessible than Dickson Yewn’s, designed to cater to China’s rapidly growing middle class ~ a market the whole world seems to be eyeing these days. GoldenMoment12Wu is known primarily for his work in rose gold, but I’ll always be a yellow gold gal, and the pieces that stood out to me felt both distinctively Chinese and simultaneously totally modern. GoldenMoment13From Shenzhen we boarded a flight north to Shanghai, where we shopped our way across the French Concession, popping by the historic courtyard gardens that give home to Liz Jewelry, designed by Michelle Xu. GoldenMoment14|ABOVE| wearing a black pendant necklace by Lana Jewelry and a pearl and lapis-inlay locket by Liz Jewelry GoldenMoment15To my eye, this line fell directly between the aesthetics of our prior two stops. There existed both a celebration of traditional royal jewelry (above), and a vast assortment of more modern styles (below). GoldenMoment16 GoldenMoment17As I write this post, China is celebrating its ‘Golden Week’ holidays, a patriotic period meant to give people time off to enjoy the pleasant fall weather, the autumnal glow of the changing seasons. This golden moment seems as appropriate a time as any to celebrate the contributions its native talents are offering to the world stage! GoldenMoment18|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd |SHOT| all over China! |IN COLLABORATION| with LoveGold

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  • dj

    You lucky girl. Beautiful and droolworthy. I especially loved Dickson Yewn’s Floral Lattice Bangle. I’ve never seen anything like that. Another piece I loved was the pearl and lapis-inlay locket by Liz Jewelry. Stunning. And the earrings in the final photo are to-die-for.

  • Lisa Lynn

    Holy moly, beautiful photos! You look gorgeous, and so does the jewelry!
    Mostly Lisa

  • monkeyshines
  • Happy Locks

    wow! you are Amazingly gorgeous.

    Which burgundy like lip color are you wearing in your second look?


    Happy Locks

    • theglamourai

      It’s Cruella by NARS ~ as always!


  • Madeline Veloria

    Stunning!! I too have found gorgeous and unique pieces in Hong Kong 🙂

    Veloria in Velvet

  • Denisa

    Very nice and interesting. Great day.


  • I’m in awe of these pictures… Beyond beautiful.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Rougeuse

    The first photo is so magical. Reminds me of a movie scene, really beautiful. x


  • Beautiful pieces!


  • Gorgeous pieces! Such great pictures. And your makeup is rockin!

  • I love your nose pin! Where did you get it? I’m always looking for dainty yet unique nose pins.


  • As a woman born in the year of the pig as well, I think the pig earrings are great too!

  • Beautiful pieces on you!


  • Venoma

    So interesting! Lovely photos!



    fashion diary

  • Jacqueline Jax

    Lovely trip and experience. Savor every minute. Xoxo, Jax

  • Vanessa

    Beautiful and your perspective is always inspiring. Can you please tell me which camera you use? x

  • rouxa megala.megethi
  • Androbel

    Love the gold jewelry. all of them. Just simply beautiful. I fell in love with the rings.

    Also, love the lip color.

    *** New post up! http://www.androbelinsider.blogspot.com visit me 🙂 ***

  • lena
  • YoungMild&Free

    Wow that jewelry is absolutely stunning. And these pictures are gorgeous!


  • happyasannie

    you look like kate winslet with your blond hair! beautiful.

  • Aul74

    a gold trip…. what a dream! I hope you got to keep/shop some of those pieces.

  • Lys

    Awesome shots and jewelry! Love everything.

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro

    love your hairstyle 🙂

    My blog – http://guesswhatfashion.blogspot.pt/

  • Goober

    Can you please please please say where that double happiness pendant in the first pic is from? The one with the two pendants on the necklace. I’m fully begging it is so amazing. Please!

  • lisa evans

    I jewelry trip in China!? Sounds like a dream! Such beautiful pieces you took pictures of. I’m having a love affair with gold, rose gold, and black jewelry right now! You are definitely a gold girl 🙂


  • Elisa Taviti

    Amazing collection, stunning photos!

    With love,
    My Fantabulous World

  • Xenia Kuhn

    OMG. Those are solo cool!

    DIY and Lifestyle Blog

  • This Exquisite World

    Wow, what a great behind-the-scenes look!


  • Jane Stevens

    These jewelry items are looking very cute. I am very glad to have a look on these awesome looking pictures. You can get latest update about your beauty here http://beautiesfactory.co.uk

  • Karin

    Love the gold nose ring. Where is it from?

  • Suma

    I am an enormous fan of your blog…it is the perfect example of how culture is constantly affecting fashion. And your eye for style is absolutely impeccable! I found this website called zady.com that I thought you would like. Thank you for the always inspiring posts!

  • Alina Tornister

    I have found your page very inspiring. Thanks.


  • Tess D’Urbervilles

    Wow, those jewels are all stunning ♥

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING


  • Kt


    Where can I find the gold and diamond floral ring pictured in the last picture on this post?

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