The Traveling Pants

26th September, 2013

I’ve been in a whirlwind of travel for the past week! It’s involved a lot of airplanes, meetings, shoots and hotel rooms, but very little sleep. It’s times like these that I’m especially grateful for foolproof clothes that look great straight out of a suitcase, clothes that work just as well for catching an inflight power nap as they do for client appointments and elegant dinners. This time around, my secret to getting through it all with any modicum of chic is the phalanx of Donna Karan New York Body Pants I packed. I first fell for them during Fashion Week, and I’ve been even more impressed by the effortlessness they’ve imbued to life on the road. TravelingPants_2I have three pairs of them and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if pressed I’d probably choose the ‘Slim’ style (above), which are slightly bootcut. I wore them in their already-flawless, original state HERE, but I’m an ardent believer in customizing clothes, and since that shoot I’ve chopped mine off at the ankle because I think a slightly-flared crop is the chicest thing ~ there’s something so Audrey Hepburn about it. I wore them on the long flight to Hong Kong, and lived in them, paired with this delicious draped dress, through all those early mornings when jet lag tricked me into 3am wakefulness. TravelingPants_3It’s been interesting to see all the construction and development happening in China right now. The cities are exploding in every direction, at an astounding pace. Apartment buildings and shopping centers seem to be sprouting up in the same way that weeds manage to grow out of the tiniest gaps in urban concrete. It’s a bit mind-boggling, to be honest, but I felt like I’d found a comfort amidst the madness when, in Shanghai, I woke up to discover that my hotel room overlooked the soon-to-be opened Donna Karan store. It was like running into a familiar friend in a faraway place. TravelingPants_4In Shanghai I wore the ‘Fluid Jersey’ Body Pants, which were also my Fashion Week stalwart. I paired them with an old top from Oak, an Isabel Marant gladiator, and a new pair of sunnies, cuffing them at the ankles. Lots of exploration and adventures were had in this look ~ more on those coming soon! TravelingPants_5 TravelingPants_6In Beijing, I found myself in the strangest hotel on earth. While I try to sort thousands of photos into some sort of sensical travel diary, just appreciate with me for a minute the bizarreness of finding oneself, tired and jet-lagged, in a world where no one speaks your language and life-size chess sets and driftwood yurts are found floating above your room, where menacingly big turtles are lurking beneath hothouse plants and absolutely nothing makes sense. TravelingPants_7These are the times in life when you are really, really happy to have dependable, comfortable clothes, and it was in Beijing that I came to understand the magic of the ‘Structured Jersey’ style. I’ve always been vocal about the conviction that leggings are not pants, but I’m happy to report that these are the rare exception. They’re cut as slimly as a legging, but that silhouette is deceiving, as the fabric is so thick and the construction so sturdy that they leave no question as to their positioning as proper trousers. I wore them with the blouse version of my Hong Kong dress, a combination that was at once work-appropriate and yet comfortingly pajama-like. These are truly the pieces that have kept me traveling happy as I find myself so very far from home! TravelingPants_8|WEARING| Donna Karan Body Pants, styles ONE, TWO and THREE |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Zachary Lynd |SHOT| all over China! |IN COLLABORATION| with Donna Karan New York and Nordstrom

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