{ Wild At Heart }

WildAtHeart1|ABOVE| Shoptiques hat, Juicy Couture track jacket, Mara Hoffman bikini top, Clover Canyon boy shorts, Christian Louboutin bag, Keds shoes

Out East this summer, Zach and I have been sharing a house with native New York artist Eric Cahan and his wife, Russian model Ekat Boki. Intrinsically wild at heart, they’re a tidal wave of energy and activity, making art and life an ongoing, colorful performance piece. Where we are quiet, laidback and bohemian, they are boisterous and kinetic. Somehow the combination of disparate energies works, and I’ve gleaned a lot of unexpected inspiration from their raucous aesthetic and lifestyle over the past couple months.WildAtHeart2|ABOVE| Tracy Reese top, Juicy Couture track pants, Loeffler Randall sandals

I relish being exposed to people and experiences that allow me to see the world a little differently; it’s the best way to challenge oneself, change the eye, and evolve creatively. For instance, I similarly absorbed a lot of inspiration through the process of preparing for and interviewing Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. I loved talking with her about her styling technique, and was surprised to find how similar it is to my own, though our results are obviously quite different. WildAtHeart3|ABOVE + BELOW| Juicy Couture track jacket, Lacoste hat, Shoptiques sunnies, Roarke NYC necklace, Plenty by Tracy Reese crop top, Tracy Reese pants

A groundbreaking stylist whose vision is summarily illustrated in Juicy Couture’s latest couple campaigns, Carlyne revers neither good taste nor bad, nonchalantly turning both on their heads. And while her influence has gotten me into track jackets for the first time in my life, it’s a look that Eric and Ekat have been sporting forever. So I thought it would be fun to put together a little Hamptons family collaboration, a photoshoot that would celebrate Carlyne’s notoriously bombastic visions of sport-tinged, glossy glamour, Juicy Couture’s iconic tracksuits, Ekat’s colorful, Spring Breakers-esque dress sense, and Eric’s Sky Series artworks ~ whose famous ombré gradations are reflected in these resulting photographs. In order to capture precisely the right sort of sky, we were forced to shoot them over the course of several consecutive evenings in Montauk, an exacting exercise.WildAtHeart4Originally a fashion photographer (shooting frequently for Glamour), Eric’s process of producing art involves taking polychromatic photographs of the sky at sunrise and sunset, covering his lens in custom-made resin filters to richen the colors. Once the pictures are taken and printed, he filters over the work again with resin, further deepening and drawing out the aura and intensity. It’s a labor-intensive, multistage process that results in pieces that reverberate with an almost phosphorescent energy. The completed works fall somewhere in between an awe-inspiring celebration of nature and a flippantly fluorescent defiance of it.WildAtHeart5|ABOVE| Juicy Couture track jacket, Nike visor, Westward\\Leaning sunnies, Clover Canyon shorts, Jean Michel Cazabat sandals

Ultimately, the focus of ‘Sky Series‘ is on capturing light in all its myriad mysteries, and I’ve come to appreciate this latest evolution of Eric’s artwork since living with him and watching him pour resin in our basement at all hours of the night (there is constant creative activity coursing through our house; someone is always making something). Thus, it was rewarding to collaborate in this way, and to witness the past and present incarnations of Eric’s creative journey (fashion x art) collide for the first time through the process.WildAtHeart6|ABOVE + BELOW| Shoptiques sunnies, Lana Jewelry earrings, Dennis Higgins and Gypsies + Debutantes necklaces, Juicy Couture track jacket, ADEAM bralette, Steven Grotell for Plukka, Eddera, and Lyra Lovestar bracelets, Tracy Reese pants, Christian Louboutin shoes

At once totally natural and unapologetically fabricated: this combination of innate sweetness concealed by thick coats of bravado is as emblematic of Eric’s work as it is his personality. He’s a teddy bear with a rambunctious bark, and no one better understands this than his dynamo of a wife, Ekat. She’s a beauty born off the very last stop on the Siberian railroad, who left home at 16 to begin modelling in Tokyo. Two years there were followed by three more in Paris (though technically she was living out of a suitcase at this point, jetting around the world to shoot with Paolo Reversi and the Spanish, French and Russian editions of Vogue). For the last decade she’s been living in New York, continuing to model while fostering her passion for and knowledge of the art world ~ an intellectual zeal that eventually led her to her now-husband.WildAtheart9Together, they personify the tenets of Juicy Couture’s ‘Wild At Heart’ initiative, which celebrates fearless beauty and pushing life to its limits. May we all remember to remain forever wild for our passions, friends, creativity, careers and unique stylistic sensibilities; may we always remain boldly open-minded, fearless, and fun!WildAtHeart7|ABOVE| CAST sunnies, OndadeMar swimsuit and bag, Juicy Couture track pants, Christian Louboutin shoes |BELOW| Lacoste hat, Westward\\Leaning sunnies, Juicy Couture necklace and track jacket, OndadeMar swimsuit, Clover Canyon leather shorts, Nanette Lepore bagWildAtHeart8|WILD AT HEART| starring Ekat Boki |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Eric Cahan |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |STYLING ASSISTANCE| by Erin Framel |HAIR + MAKEUP| by Ana Sicat

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