Nanette’s Boudoirs

8th August, 2013

Nanette Lepore’s summer house in Amagansett is the perfect family getaway, and I’m as entranced by it as I am by her immensely colorful clan. I’ve gotten to know them all a bit this summer (nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, cousins and a revolving door of interesting friends), and witnessing the happy, bubbly, creative, communal way they really live in this house has been intoxicating. Big dinners are held on the deck overlooking the bay, steaming plates of food pouring out of the kitchen and clinking drinks tumbling forth from the tucked-away bar. There are laugh-drowned discussions of movies and politics and music and lots of late-night dancing. There are colorful textiles tucked into every shelf, primed for impromptu walks down to the beach. Vintage straw handbags jostle for the opportunity to be used as that day’s towel tote. Every time I visit I am charmed anew by some sweet detail I’d heretofore missed. It might be easier if I just moved in and never left, for it’s the sort of stuff all my summertime daydreams are made of. NanetteHome2|ABOVE| Never have I ever had a hankering for hot pink mohair ~ until I first saw Nanette’s bedroom, that is.NanetteHome3 NanetteHome4 NanetteHome5|ABOVE + BELOW| Kitschy collections of vintage fripperies encourage lighthearted living. NanetteHome6 NanetteHome7|ABOVE| A hallway leading to the back deck encourages passerby to grab a blanket, sarong and hat on their way outside. NanetteHome8|ABOVE| The entire family’s talent is evident in every corner of this waterfront oasis. |BELOW| The guest rooms are decked out in a cheerful array of prints, set against crisp, calming whites. NanetteHome9 NanetteHome10 NanetteHome11 NanetteHome12|ABOVE + BELOW| Nanette’s daughter’s garret room is surely the most magical space in the whole place. It’s littered with enough beds for the biggest bevy of slumber-partying friends, and finished with the sweetest nook that’s just right for gossiping the day away, reading a book, or sharing first kisses. If ever there were a house for making memories, this is undoubtedly it. NanetteHome13 NanetteHome14 NanetteHome15 NanetteHome16|CLICK HERE| to revisit Part I of this story (Nanette’s groovy living room!) |CLICK ANY IMAGE| to enlarge |PHOTOS| by Athena Calderone

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