Nanette Lepore’s Groovy Amagansett Cabin

7th August, 2013

Living out East this summer has given me a lot of breathing room ~ both creatively and literally. It’s nice to be outside the cramped confines of the city, in a place where windows and doors are always left open, where I wake up to birds singing and can crawl out of bed and slip straight into the swimming pool. And I’ve enjoyed seeing how my friends and fashion peers decorate when they too are in vacation mode. There’s a beautiful ease of living that’s integral to design codes out here. Nothing can be too precious in a land where sandy feet and spilled rosé are de rigueur daily.

The two friends of mine who have done the best job of marrying high style with countryside casualness are interior designer and Eye Swoon writer Athena Calderone, and fashion designer Nanette Lepore. Their respective Amagansett homes couldn’t be more different from each other, yet they are both defined by unexpected combinations of rough natural elements juxtaposed with bold pops of glossy color. Because Athena creates spaces for a living, and because I see so many surprising similarities in her and Nanette’s disparate decorating approaches, I invited the former over to the latter’s place last week ~ knowing it would delight and inspire her. I was also excited to commission her to shoot this charming spot for you all to see; since launching Eye Swoon, the multi-talented Athena has blossomed into quite the photographer, and I love watching my creative friends discover new gifts. If I were to make a Wes Anderson-ian summer camp movie, this is undoubtedly where it would be set…NanetteAtHome2|ABOVE| The house is filled with mementos of family life, coalesced most beautifully in this living room wall filled with paintings made primarily by Nanette’s husband, Robert Savage. NanetteAtHome3 NanetteAtHome4|ABOVE| The two paintings flanking the fireplace were done by Nanette’s father, an abstract expressionist. NanetteAtHome5 NanetteAtHome6|ABOVE + BELOW| Midcentury charm meets signature Nanette Lepore prints meet rustic cabin vibes in this sprawling bayside space. NanetteAtHome7 NanetteAtHome8 NanetteAtHome9 NanetteAtHome10|ABOVE + BELOW| Delightful details are tucked into every nook and cranny, from the kitschy plastic beads anointing the living room’s entrance to the naughty naked lady that welcomes visitors at the front door. NanetteAtHome11 NanetteAtHome12 NanetteAtHome13 NanetteAtHome14 NanetteAtHome15 NanetteAtHome16|CLICK HERE| to tour the rest of Nanette Lepore’s special summertime space!

|CLICK ANY IMAGE| to enlarge |PHOTOS| by Athena Calderone

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    This is one of the most beautiful creative homes i’ve ever seen!

  • Fashion Snag

    What an amazing home!

  • Royal Wang
  • Heidi

    I love the abundance of bright colors mixed with the dark wood tones. Simply stunning and incredibly inspiring.

  • HilaryRWalker

    My goodness, it’s gorgeous!! Reminds me of a slightly darker, more ethnically inspired version of Kate Spade’s summer home. LOVE all the details!

  • Sarah

    This is exactly the inspiration I’ve been looking for- I love it! I love being surrounded by color but have had a tough time making it look intentional and cohesive without being too matchy-matchy. Nanette’s space is so vibrant and energetic- it must have been fantastic to experience it. Thank you for this thoughtful and inspiring post!

    🙂 Sarah

  • Chantel

    Awesome photos.

  • Kristina

    Every part of this space is so cool. Such neat details. Everything. Thanks for sharing.

  • Charis

    i can never decorate a home as beautifully as this!! Nanette’s so lucky to have creative people around her 😉

    fashion/travel blog:

  • Cory Scott
  • Uma

    Great job mixing rustic natural elements with whimsical and contemporary accessories!

  • Heather P.

    I love seeing people’s homes when they are in “vacation-mode.” It seems that people tap into their wilder side, or delve into their decorative fantasies, more often in vacation homes where the whole point of living there is to have fun and relax.

    Totally digging all the bright color, too – really brightens up all that gorgeously dark wood around the house!

  • Grace Beekman

    Such beautiful photos! You are so right! These rooms are beautifully designed!

  • rebecca

    ,,,the decor and colors are interesting to say the least. i’m sure each piece of furniture and accessory has a story. the gallery wall of art is beautiful and the sofa is magical all it’s own. the home is unique and hurts my brain a little,,,(smile)

  • Smart Dresser
  • dani

    I have decided that I officially need to paint all of my wooden furniture, and I definitely require a bead curtain. This is amazing! Exactly the way I want my dream home to look.

  • Austen

    oh my lanta if there were one room i had to choose to live in it would be this one. OBSESSED!!

  • Alena

    I have missed your interior posts, always so special and unique!

    Kiss, Alena

  • Cristina Monti

    This home is a work of pure art!
    Check out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With love,

  • merryblossom
  • Champagne Sunday

    Excellent feature – I love Nanette Lepore!

    Cheers! from,

  • Nataya A

    Very beautiful to its every details. Looks indeed creative, dynamic and free spirited.

  • Audrey

    Those white beeds are amazing

  • Diane Woods

    where can I get or how can I make the following two items kitschy plastic beads, and those ornaments that look like king size grapes

  • mom of many

    Where are the whit leather chairs from?

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