PUNK: From Chaos To Couture

17th July, 2013

Like the hippies before them, members of the punk movement were making a statement against fashion ~ but their influence has been felt inside its culture-sensitive halls ever since. Both were about an attitude of rebellion, about reshaping the world via the most common tools we use to move through it: our clothes.Punk2Punk started to take seed in the early 1970s, quickly blossoming into a vibrant subculture with swirling epicenters in New York and London. Its aesthetic leaned heavily on a Do-It-Yourself ethos, walking a fine line between fragility and vulgarity. It’s a dichotomy that is delicately explored by this summer’s Costume Institute exhibit at The Met, where correlations between punk’s DIY execution and couture’s ‘made-to-measure’ regulations find myriad, arresting parallels. Punks rejected fashion, but fashion has wholeheartedly embraced their visual symbols ever since. Punk3 Punk4 Punk5I believe that Internet culture has revived this spirit of individualization in style: fashion these days is whatever you or I want it to be. Social media is its own revolution! But nothing is meaningful without context, and fashion history especially is a well of cultural clues. I’m a hungry sponge for information, I read and see everything I can. It’s how I stay inspired and evolving ~ so I begged, bribed, and pleaded with The Met to let us in to shoot this special exhibition. However far away you may live, I knew you had to see it too! Punk6 Punk7 Punk8 Punk9 Punk10Though the punks may not have intended it, their effect on couturiers has created some of the most memorable moments of late-20th and early-21st century fashion legacy ~ from Elizabeth Hurley’s safety-pin Versace gown (above left), to half of Ricardo Tisci’s oeuvre at Givenchy. Punk11 Punk12|ABOVE| couture beading inspired by safety pins Punk13 Punk14 Punk15 Punk16 Punk17 Punk18 Punk19 Punk20 Punk21 Punk22 Punk23|ABOVE + BELOW| Vivienne Westwood’s crude take on a culture she helped to create Punk24 Punk25 Punk26 Punk27 Punk28 Punk29|ABOVE| self-inflicted Sharpie-style scribbles take on a couture twist, in delicate beading Punk30 Punk31 Punk32 Punk33 Punk34 Punk35|ABOVE + BELOW| ‘trash’ couture Punk36 Punk37 Punk38 Punk39|ABOVE + BELOW| go out and make your own art today ~ out of something, anything! Punk40 Punk41 Punk42 Punk43 Punk44If you’re going to be in New York between now and August 14th, I highly encourage you to escape the heat and pay a visit to The Metropolitan Museum, to slide down this dark little rabbit hole of twisted inspirations.  Punk45|PHOTOS| by Austin Phelps

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Love these shots. So bold and fun. J’adore! <3

  • Everything about this post is flawless. Awesome colors and textures and AH! Just amazing.

    xx http://enzaessentials.wordpress.com

  • Luba

    Such a pity I am not able to see it , living so far and with no chance to visit NY this year, but THANK you so much for sharing this amazing pictures !

    XX Luba

    Sea colors inspired look, today on


  • Maggie

    Great pics, can’t wait to check out the exhibition.

  • Though punk is not my style, I love this post. Beautiful pictures. Well done.

  • Jacky Mignon

    The Outfits are so cool and the pictures capture them perfect!

    <3 Jacky


  • Whoa, love these shots!


  • Elisa Taviti

    WOW Amazing photos!
    … you rock!!!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  • Domonique

    Each piece is exquisite! What I would give to visit this exhibition.


  • monkeyshines
  • Judith @ JOELIX.com

    What an awesome exhibition! Thank you for sharing these images with us, Kelly!

  • I dragged my husband to this exhibit over the weekend and loved every minute of it! I was really sad to see that photos weren’t allowed, so KUDOS to you for getting permission. Nicely played! 🙂


  • SMID

    Love love love this. Love the headpiece. Love the pink number.

  • Cristina Monti

    INCREDIBLE exhibition, such beautiful punk pieces!

    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With Love,

  • Elizabeth Polanco

    What an incredible post. Your photos almost transport us to the exhibit! I saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met and it was breathtaking.


  • Lesley

    This makes me want to make a NYC road trip to see the exhibit! Thanks!

  • Wandering In Heels

    You are so lucky to have been able to take pictures there!! I’m very jealous! wanderinginheels.com

  • Maria Inês Ribeiro

    love this collection! amazing pieces! My blog – http://guesswhatfashion.blogspot.pt/

  • Omg this whole exhibit! I’m drooling all over. I SO wish I could make it to see it in person. This is real life and real art and real fashion.

    xo Ashley


  • I don’t know how many of your arms and legs you had to give The Met to let you take these pictures, but this is AMAZING! I just got back from NYC a few weeks ago and visiting this exhibit was the highlight of the trip. There’s this overwhelming sense of appreciation for fashion and it’s evolution that you feel when in the midst of this sartorial genius. Thank you for sharing! Totally re-inspired. 🙂

    xo, Alex
    Vast Aspiration

  • Sud Raj

    I’m a fashionista, who follows and keep updating myself about the latest fashion trends. Fashion accessories, literally, are the most stylish items that can brighten up any dull outfit and show your personality. Your blog is very informative and useful.

  • royal wang
  • Kiran

    I am in love with this!…Gorgeous!

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