Inspired At { The Brooklyn Museum }

BMOA1Recently, I spent an evening at the Brooklyn Museum, co-hosting the after party for their annual Artist’s Ball. It all started with a roaring dinner party inside one of the wings of the museum, where 16 tables were decorated in installations by contemporary Brooklyn artists. We snuck in the day before, as the artists were setting up their imaginative tableau, to snap a few pictures of the scene for you. May these images introduce you to the works of someone new ~ or at the very least, inspire your own festive flights of space-making fancy.BMOA2|2 ABOVE + BELOW| paintings on recycled windows, by Navin June NorlingBMOA3 BMOA4|ABOVE + 2 BELOW| papier-mâché dinner dates, by Jennifer Catron and Paul OutlawBMOA5 BMOA6 BMOA7|ABOVE| woodworks by Alison Elizabeth TaylorBMOA8|ABOVE + 2 BELOW| José Parlá setting his kitschy mise-en-scène into motion
BMOA9 BMOA10 BMOA11 BMOA12|2 ABOVE + 3 BELOW| FAILE’s infamous iconographyBMOA13 BMOA14 BMOA15 BMOA16|ABOVE| a sweet madonna, by Fernando MastrangeloBMOA17 BMOA18|2 ABOVE + 2 BELOW| Jules de Balincourt’s tabletop rabble rousersBMOA19 BMOA20 BMOA21|ABOVE + BELOW| intimacy within grandeurBMOA22|PHOTOS| by Austin Phelps