Dearest Adornment

10th May, 2013

DearestAdornment1I don’t really get too attached to things; I’ve always adopted an easy-come / easy-go sort of attitude toward material possessions. My everyday jewelry is a different story; however, to certain pieces I can really become bonded. It’s a system that’s constantly evolving, so I’ll wear the same treasures for years, phasing ancillary items out here and there but keeping a core assortment in steady circulation. And while I don’t really hold onto clothes from past phases of my life, I do tend to keep the jewelry. I love being able to open a box of bijoux and instantly be confronted with a flood of happy memories. Holding an old ring in my hand can immediately transport me to the time in my life when it and I went everywhere together: the places and people and events that I enjoyed inside that ephemeral moment all come rushing back.
DearestAdornment2I’ve mentioned before that I sleep, workout, swim, shower, and live in most of my jewelry, to the point that it just becomes a seamless part of the shell of my being. These pictures, for example, were taken after a three-day period of painting a mural on the inside of an airstream trailer. My manicure is battered and beaten, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking off a single ring. This is my just the way my fingers look, the way they work at this moment in my life. The first knuckle rings are my favorite thing lately; I’m thrilled to have another option for how to integrate adornment! I’ve also become deeply, feverishly attached to this new locket necklace, which was an incredibly generous gift from Monica Rich Kosann, after we hosted this dinner together. Inside it, I store a lock of hair from someone very special to me; the Victorian romanticism of that act and the good voodoo it evokes feel like powerful alchemy indeed, and seem to keep us connected wherever I may roam. Besides, if I put a picture in there, I’d have to take the piece off to go surfing in Bali, and that’s just not an option.DearestAdornment3|LEFT HAND| Phillips House cuff, Bing Bang handchain, Anna Sheffield diamond crescent ring, jade ring from Morocco |LOCKET| by Monica Rich Kosann |RIGHT HAND| basically all Catbird all the time: first knuckle rings, serpent coil ring, diamond baguette ring and Jacquie Aiche diamond pinky ring |PHOTOS| by Austin Phelps

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