{ Travel Diary } Adventures in Bali

Bali1If you’re following my eventful life’s adventures over on Instagram, you undoubtedly noticed that I spent a good chunk of this month trotting about Bali. I was tagging along with my friend Timo Weiland, his design partner Alan Eckstein, and members of their creative team, as they searched for inspiration for their upcoming collections (and I was happily entrusted with helping them find it!). Timo and his crew are part of the CFDA’s Fashion Incubator program, which provides amazing mentorship and opportunities for super-promising young designers (including several other friends of mine, like Daniel Vosovic and Reece Hudson). As part of the program, the CFDA and W Hotels allow these creatives the opportunity to embark on a visual reconnaissance anywhere in the world where there’s a W ~ and thus we found ourselves on this expedition in Seminyak! Between my trusty Lumix and my iPhone, I tried to keep up with the influx of new sights and sensations, as we flitted around the island…Bali2 Bali3|ABOVE| an eerie early morning layover in Hong Kong |BELOW| entering the W Bali – SeminyakBali4 Bali5 Bali6|2 ABOVE + 2 BELOW| the W lifeBali7 Bali8 Bali9|ABOVE| eating my way across the world |2 BELOW| shopping for fruit and ikats in the markets of Denpasar
Bali10 Bali11 Bali12 Bali13|ABOVE + BELOW| the Balinese street sceneBali14 Bali15 Bali16 Bali17 Bali18 Bali19 Bali20|ABOVE + BELOW| wiling away a day on Echo BeachBali21 Bali22 Bali23|ABOVE + BELOW| a snorkeling excursion off Lembongan IslandBali24 Bali25 Bali26|ABOVE| Haley Loewenthal, surfer bait in an American Gold dress (similar HERE or HERE)Bali27 Bali28 Bali29|ABOVE + BELOW| dusk falls over the islandBali30|PHOTOS| by Kelly Framel