30×30: An Outfit For Any Occasion

15th May, 2013

I love taking you all on outrageously fantastical fashion forays ~ just as much as I enjoy honing the art of comfortable, livable, functional, accessible everyday dressing. What we wear defines how we move through the world; it dictates how other people see and relate to us. Getting dressed is a ritual to be enjoyed and celebrated! It should also be as uncomplicated as possible, and to that end, I’ve teamed up with Stylecaster to present to you the quintessential Spring wardrobe, comprised wholly of 30 perfect pieces, to be mixed and matched and remixed again, to create 30 great looks for the month of May.

30x30_1|DAY 13| J.Crew trench coat, Coach bag (similar), Topshop top, Mavi jeans |DAY 3| Tracy Reese tunic (similar), Sachin + Babi gown, Mossimo sandals (+ Samantha Faye necklace) |DAY 5| Funktional tunic, Mavi jeans (+ La Petite Princesse necklace)

For this 30×30 styling challenge, I really wanted to illustrate a wardrobe of options that would encompass any possible occasion ~ not just workwear or weekend clothes, but a total lifestyle solution. It was as important to me to address that summer barbecue as it was to provide a solution for friend’s wedding. I even included pajamas!

Clothes, shoes, and bags were counted in this strict 30-piece edit, although I allowed myself to add in a few vintage hats and great pieces of jewelry, assuming that these are the finishing details we all collect at flea markets and save for years and throw on as we’re rushing out the door. I wanted everyone to be able to take something from this, so I pulled from affordable favorites like Target, J.Crew and H+M, mixing those pieces in with a few truly special designer items, like this Sachin + Babi statement jacket. As we now find ourselves exactly halfway through the month, 15 of the looks have been posted ~ and the mixing and matching is still just getting started! CLICK HERE to peruse every look in better detail, and check back everyday for the rest of May as the remixing really gets real!30x30_2|DAY 8| Aoyama Itchome tunic sweater, Tracy Reese tunic, Coach bag (similar), Merona sandals (+ Celia de Flers and Cuchara necklaces) |DAY 4| Tracy Reese tunic (similar), Topshop skirt, Mossimo sandals |DAY 10| Sachin + Babi dress (similar), Superga sneakers |DAY 11Primary blazer, J.Crew pajama top |DAY 7| Sachin + Babi jacket, Funktional tunic, Sachin + Babi skirt (similar options HEREHERE or HERE)30x30_3|DAY 1| J.Crew trench coat, Topshop top + skirt, Jean Michel Cazabat shoes |DAY 6| J.Crew trench coat, J.Crew sweater (without detachable collar), H+M shorts |DAY 12| J.Crew sweater (with detachable collar), Topshop skirtMossimo sandals30x30_4|DAY 15| H+M top, shorts and bag (+ Cuchara necklace) |DAY 2| H+M top, Sachin + Babi skirt (similar options HEREHERE or HERE ~ worn with Cuchara necklace) |DAY 14| J.Crew sweater, Tracy Reese shorts (also in summery yellow), Merona sandals |DAY 9| Topshop top, H+M sweater (similar) + shorts, Mossimo sandals

|30 Days Of Style| starring Jessica Barta Lam |PHOTOS| by Angela Hau |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR + MAKEUP| by Alice An

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