Gloria Noto: An Unexpected Muse

25th April, 2013

Producing a shoot across the country ~ over the winter holidays ~ is a little tricky. You can’t fall back on any of your usual contacts or teams, and that’s even more of a problem when everyone but you is on vacation (no rest for the obsessed!). This became a real point of concern when Jamie and Kevin and I had to find hair & makeup artists for the Rachel Roy shoot. We have such a great camaraderie established with our usual collaborators in NY, but didn’t have the budget to bring any of them out with us. So what to do?! GloriaNoto_2Through our on-site producer, we reached out to several talent agencies in LA, then combed through dozens of portfolios ~ and one in particular seemed to resonate more than the rest, that of a gal called Gloria NotoGloriaNoto_3Considering that we would be working out of an RV packed to the gills with clothes and equipment, the fact that she could do both jobs certainly appealed, but I’ll admit that our interest in her wasn’t purely professional. You see, her agency was clever enough to include a headshot of Gloria on her profile page, and upon seeing that, my immediate reaction was: this girl is going to be FUN to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with. Accuse me of typecasting or shallowness if you want, but boy was I right. GloriaNoto_4At first we feared she wouldn’t be into working with us. I mean, she is SO MUCH cooler than us, with her Johnny Depp swagger and her devil-may-care hair and her dedication to finishing the day with a stiff snifter of Mezcal. Would she even deign to hang around with us nerds?! Lucky for us, she readily said yes, and became the unexpected muse of the shoot. GloriaNoto_5Every time I took my attention off of Jamie’s lens, I’d return to find it pointed in Gloria’s direction. I couldn’t blame her; Gloria just looked so natural in that environment, so at home in the landscape and such a beautiful compliment to it. And she came to work with the most amazing energy: fast and hard-working and humble as hell. Every one of us was enchanted. GloriaNoto_6Turns out she also edits, produces, and publishes The Work Magazine, a truly special conceptual stage that celebrates an array of creatives. If people come any cooler than this, I sure haven’t met them yet. GloriaNoto_7|PHOTOS| by Ann Street Studio