Desert Dressing

29th April, 2013

DesertDressing1My love of glamorous getups is no secret to anyone who’s spent significant time on this site. When I’m styling a shoot, however, all vanity goes out the window. What I look like doesn’t matter; I have a lot of getting down and dirty to do. For our multi-day location work on the Rachel Roy campaign, I needed lots of pockets and toolbelts and an all-around rugged uniform to get the job done. These are the clothes that helped me make my kind of magic happen. DesertDressing2We were shooting all over the desert, at a disparate array of altitudes. In some locations it was COLD, so a massive White+Warren army green overcoat was in order. I wished I’d packed gloves. Under that I layered my favorite denim jacket from Proenza Schouler, plus a chambray shirt picked up at Brooklyn Fox on Bedford Avenue (unfortunately I can’t recall the brand and am writing this post to you from an airport in Hong Kong).  DesertDressing3These were the days before my favorite Hat Attack pom pom beanie was lost in a taxicab, and before my most treasured vintage belt had deteriorated from too much love. I packed two pairs of identical snakeskin-print Hudson jeans (long-ago seen HERE), and loved having the opportunity to tear down my Pamela Love x Nine West boots to the dusty, weathered state in which I feel she envisioned them. Now you know how I do roughhewn and happy!DesertDressing4|PHOTOS| by Jamie Beck

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