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27th March, 2013

If yesterday’s story already had you falling in love with the gentle land of Shiva Rose, prepare to be totally twitterpated by today’s improbably more intimate look into her delicious way of living.Even before taking that first step through the front door, you know you are entering into someplace special
Shiva’s home is such a true reflection of the woman who lives there: it’s flooded with light and air and filled with treasures collected at vintage fairs and on worldly adventures. Every single object feels like it was chosen with feminine passion and an intrinsic ecological consciousness: nothing seems accidental or disposable. Instead, each item feels special, textured, and organic.Nestled snuggly in a canyon of the Santa Monica Mountains, Shiva’s sprawling ranch-style house is filled with precious ephemera that she and her daughters have accrued on hikes in the surrounding hillside, strolls along the nearby beach, or weekly flea market trawls. Yet it never feels cluttered, thanks to pallid walls, bleached wood floors, and a repeated theme of cloud-like whites and ocean-wave jades.
There seems to me to be a true distinction between homes that feel ‘decorated’ and those that appear to have been magically manifested from somewhere within the soul of their owners. Shiva’s abode unquestionably falls into the latter category: it’s simply 100% her.Every morning, the above basket bulges with fresh eggs from the chickens downhill.Inside and outside spaces blend seamlessly in a world where windows are always open, where the refrigerator yields freshly plucked produce, and where tabletops are perpetually littered with backyard flowers. If there exists a heaven on earth, I do believe I may have found it here.|PHOTOS| by Jamie Beck |CLICK HERE| to revisit Part I of this story |VISIT| The Local Rose HERE

  • Anonymous
  • I love that you used the word “twitterpated” in the first paragraph! That’s exactly the word to describe how I feel when looking at these gorgeous images~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  • Ashley Cooper

    I love your website! Amazing as always.

    -Ashley Cooper @ design-parlor.blogspot.com

  • Love the photos! Mahalo for sharing!

  • Czech Blondýn

    Beautiful, gorgeous photos!

  • What a stunning home! What I wouldn’t give for that luxurious bathtub 🙂

  • Melly

    Wow what a beautiful apartment and decoration! Love the sweet touch in every detail!



  • beautiful home!!!!

  • SabFashionLab

    beautiful apartment, great inspiration!


  • Cinnamon White Chocolate

    OMG! This is a perfect interior, it is stunning, so chic, so vintage, so natural and cozy! Thank you for sharing… <3

  • Shade of Red

    Cultural capital is what it is all about these days. Lovely story.

  • Freya – Fashionable People

    Love the first photo – there is something so elegant and romantic about perfume bottles


  • Em

    THAT TUB IS THE STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF. Seriously, when I finally fiscally able to own property, I want a deep tub.

    I love her design aesthetic! It’s light and airy….perfect California bungalow.

    xoxo, Em

  • I need her bathtub right now!


  • This looks amazing! So much inspiration for my home decorating project.

  • minette

    i have that same long, slatted coffee table! and, love her collection of perfumes – nice mix of things.

  • AMAZING POST:) I LOVE that beautiful house.

    If you would like to see a lovely Danish webshop..check out my blog:)

    have a great weekend

    LOVE Maria from inredningsvis.se

  • Beautiful interior !!!


  • this is unreal. i love the way she uses so much wood throughout her home. i’m hoping that my future involves some form of freshly harvested produce, roosting chickens, and a treasure trove of my own.


  • SE

    Wow. I want to go there….

  • erica jensen

    That bathtub is seriously amazing! Great pictures 🙂


  • Lindsey

    Beautiful decorating. Love the tub

  • Théa Unknown

    So inspiring!


  • Malibu PR Gal

    Love Shiva, my client, actress Tracey Bregman is friends with her and we are doing a collab blog post soon on Tracey’s Conscious Living blog – we are also having an organic farm to table dinner which Shiva is attending ( along with other celebs ). This definitely gets me excited for it : ) I showed Tracey your posts – GREAT PICS in both!

    • Anonymous

      How fun! Shiva’s the best!!


      • Malibu PR Gal

        Next time you’re in town, hit us up! I’m sure you’re overdue for a trip to Malibu ; ) xo

  • Mariana Paulos

    Amazing! xoxo

  • DaphneOP

    beautiful. very inspiring place.

  • Vineeta A

    What a gorgeous home!! Love your posts.

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