OMEGA Through The Ages

28th March, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should!), you know I spent this past weekend in Vienna, for the launch of OMEGA’s new Ladymatic watch. As part of the celebrations, they’d transported a trove of archive watches from their museum in Geneva, to illustrate the evolution of their women’s offerings over the last 120 years. This was really fun for me to see, especially because my grandfather’s family originally emigrated from Austria, and he is now a pretty serious collector of vintage timepieces. Somehow, this experience gave me a sense of connecting the dots between my family lineage, personal heritage, and current passions (fine jewelry!). The assortment on display comprised of timepieces originating from the 19th Century to present day: early ladies’ watches from the 1890s mingled with offerings from the 1930s, 50s, 60s and 90s.In an age in which gadgets have taken over time-telling and no one really needs a watch, these pieces are a reminder that craftsmanship and artistry should and will always have a place in the world.Unsurprisingly, I also loved digging through OMEGA’s historical advertising designs ~ they don’t make em like they used to, eh?! I’d love to see this style of artistic branding come back into fashion.
|ABOVE| Two of my favorite designs from the 50s ~ so charmingly feminine! |BELOW| The newly-unveiled Ladymatic, a timeless style statement for a new generation.|PHOTOS| by Kelly Framel

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