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4th March, 2013

Like everyone in the world, I have complaints about my job. The long hours, the frantic pace, the constant deadlines and endless emails: these things can really stress me out. But I love getting to be creative for a living, to make things and solve problems and tell stories in lots of different formats. And I love that I get to connect and collaborate with a wealth of talented people, working across a spectrum of industries; I’m learning all the time. I work with hairstylists and makeup artists and fashion designers and photographers, business people and lawyers and producers and lots of wonderfully strange creatives. When L’Oréal Professionnel and I started discussing the idea of making a video together, they mentioned wanting to capture a typical day in this crazy life of mine. The fact is, such a thing doesn’t exist! Every day is completely unique; I moved my business to a new office space over a month ago, and have spent only 3 days working there since. I’m always on the go ~ so in the end, that’s what we tried to capture.Because we shot the piece just before Fashion Week, we decided to film in the studio of my friend, designer Timo Weiland. His lead hairstylist is L’Oréal Professionnel artist Joseph DiMaggio (whom I worked with again on an amazing editorial shoot last week ~ I can’t wait for you to see!), and the two were testing looks for Timo’s then-upcoming runway show. I learn so much from guys like Joseph; every shoot I do, I study their process, asking about how they do things and what products they’re using. A lifelong chameleon (I’ve had more hairstyles than a person could count), these insider tips have allowed me to streamline my look like never before. These days, I’m fine-tuning instead of frantically experimenting (or maybe I’m just growing up).Either way, the truth is that I’ve never discovered a product as transformative as True Grip; it’s given me the sculpting ability and insane volume I’ve always thought impossible for my fine hair. Like an overzealous car salesman, I’ve been pushing it on my girlfriends, extolling its virtues all over town. One try, and they’ve all been equally convinced of its magic! I’m genuinely obsessed (and I really do carry it around in my handbag at all times these days, like you saw in the video, for midday tszujing).While I mostly use it to amp up the volume near my roots to create a messy texture, I enjoyed watching Joseph use it on a girl with much longer hair, to achieve really natural waves and body. After powdering our model’s hair with the stuff, he pinned it into a loose bun and then let it set a few minutes. When he took it down, she was left with those ideal waves that say ‘I just rolled out of bed this way’:
Then, of course, I slapped a hat on her. I’m always irritating hairstylists that way.|PHOTOS| by Mark Iantosca

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