An Evening To Remember

8th March, 2013

I often feel like my life exists only in extremes: I’m forever having either the best or worst day ever ~ either schlepping around town with 10 garment bags in the sleeting New York hail-rain or… you know, donning a Marchesa gown to have dinner with Elton John on Oscar Night. He told me I looked ravishing and gave me the sweetest kiss and it beat everything ever. And we wore Chopard diamonds and watched the sun rise with the stars|JAMIE + KELLY| both wear Chopard jewelry, Marchesa gowns, Kotur bags, and Jerome C. Rousseau shoes

|PHOTOS| by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

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  • Sydney Juzenas

    Kelly, you inspire me every day with your life. Whenever I feel stressed at school or I loose motivation, I come to your blog and peruse the seemingly endless beauty with which your life is filled. You are a true inspiration for me! Someday, I hope to be able to create and live just as you. Thanks so much for the posts! :)

  • Megan

    these gowns. just to gaze at them in a photo makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world but that’s you! your life is a dream, thanks for sharing it with us. you both look better than any a-lister ever has xo

  • Angelqueen

    Elton John was right, you looked ravishing!


  • Iliyana Licheva
  • talisa

    I am so jealous right now!!

    talisa xx

  • Dorisi

    Stunning dresses, makeup, hair, and accessories! You both look fabulous!

  • sandra

    you both looked like godesses ♥

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Sena

    You both look gorgeous, you very natural and at ease unlike your friend, those lips and looks!? ;)

  • Rachelle

    You both look gorgeous, dinner with Elton John sounds amazing indeed.


  • Anonymous

    marchesa makes the best gowns and you both look stunning in them!

  • Théa

    Sumptuous dresses!


  • Nico
  • vittoria gallacci

    Wow. Those dressesare simply wow. You both seem to be like beautiful princesses! <3

  • Shannon Mobley

    Oh so captivating!!! Love both dresses!!! Hopefully one day I’ll have a place to look absolutely glamorous, besides my wedding day.

  • Flor
  • My fashion Break

    Like a dream, a sweet dream!

  • Local & Opulent

    What a unique experience! You both look stunning!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent. Colour, Fashion, Street Style!

  • Lubna

    Such stunning dresses! Love the photos!


  • Erin Michelle

    Your gowns are incredible! I love Marchesa!



  • Jennifer

    You two look better than 90% of the red carpet looks I saw on Oscar night! Elton was right!

    xo Jennifer

  • Duncan Loves Tess

    oh my!! That’s red carpet material!! you both look stunning!

  • Anna Louisa

    Such amazing gowns! Also, it makes me laugh that Jamie is usually smiling while you’re smizing in your pictures together :)

  • mulberry&melrose

    amaaaazzzingggg!!! ;) -S

  • Kristine Lily

    Both dresses are oh so amazing! Beautiful head to toe

  • CeciV


  • Stephanie Lam

    You ladies are truly gorgeous!


  • Mariana Paulos

    You both look amazing!

  • Kodi Jensen

    When I was in high school on my way to London for the first time with a choir group, there was a man in the airport in Chicago with regal white hair dressed in all black with a huge garment bag and all of us sleep deprived high school kids started guessing what was in the bag. When we boarded I was standing right next to him and decided to just ask him — he told me it was a dress for his wife and they were flying to London for the weekend to see a show and attend a party thrown by their friend Elton John. Annnnd I felt ridiculous for asking. But it makes for a good story!

  • Ashley Taylor

    Oh my god, THE GLAMOUR! I love this so so much. You look like you’re in a fairytale

    xo Ashley

  • Natalie

    Love how Jaime looks so natural and radiant in these photos. Her warmth and beauty oozes through her smile!

  • gina
  • Rachel Mlinarchik

    Oh my GAHHHHHHHHH!! Breathtaking. No words.

  • Malibu PR Gal

    I keep forgetting how truly special nights like the one you described above are – and you truly show the magic. When you live and work around these events, you become a little jaded – even bored. These pictures of you and Jamie bring back what these nights are supposed to be : ) Thanks for reminding me! You brought back the faith – at least until awards season starts again – then I will look to you again for the same inspiration! xo

  • Anonymous

    You are beautiful and the dresses special!

    The photographs in these amazing green are perfect, love them definitely!


  • Eva Wu

    beautiful as always!

  • GreenieWeenie

    I wish you’d give easier access to your archives…I remember when I first found your page (maybe two years ago), I went back to your very first post. I loved seeing your style evolve and also just how crazy you used to be. I understand you might not like to look back at some of those outfits but I really think they bring personality to the blog, which can help counter some of the complaints that you’ve gotten more commercial.

  • petra lorietta

    Lovely pictures! :) The dresses are stunning!

  • guesst

    butt-lifting pads?

  • DNA (designers+artists)

    Absolutely gorgeous, you shouldve been on that red carpet!

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  • A fan

    Dear Kelly, I love your style and think you’re gorgeous but would love to see you ease up more and look more natural in your photos, given this is a blog, not a Vogue cover shoot. x

  • A Key to the Armoire

    Two beautiful and glamorous Hollywood sirens! Indelible memories, I’m sure…

  • Jel Love

    Hello! Please check out and follow my new blog or search rumors from paris on blogspot! Thanks! :)

  • Natalie Kerner

    You both look stunning! I love how in each picture, Jamie is smiling and you’re all like, “blue steel!” haha!

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