A Dinner Date

18th March, 2013

Growing up, I was pretty shy socially. Whenever I wasn’t in school, I was hiding in my room, reading and painting and decorating my dollhouses and sewing clothes and making claymation movies ~ none of which ever won a girl the ‘most popular’ prize. But it turns out that introspective, lonely childhoods oftentimes lead to the most interesting adulthoods. And while ‘the cool kids table’ was in a whole other area code than wherever I was having lunch back then (and probably always will be), I’ve managed to get to know some pretty neat people over the last few years, and sometimes they even let me eat with them.Last week, three of the coolest girls I know ~ Chelsea Leyland, Athena Calderone, and Fiona Byrne ~ joined me and a few of the chicest ~ like Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen, Michaela Erlanger and ELLE’s Leah Melby ~ in celebration of Monica Rich Kosann, MRK Style, and my contribution as its inaugural tastemaker…. 
Monica and I cohosted this intimate soiree last week at Freemans, whose rustic, early-American menu offers New York’s ultimate comfort food. Picture bacon-wrapped dates, cheese bread dipped in sizzling artichoke dip, and brussel sprouts like your grandmother made them. Yum.I wore a Chelsea Flower blouse (similar HERE ~ I also sort of want it in classic black), Tibi skirt, Sigerson Morrison shoes ~ and of course some Monica Rich Kosann jewelry.How gorgeous are Monica’s daughters, Danielle (left) and Laura?! I’m trying to wrangle them for an upcoming fashion shoot; with their jet-black hair and alabaster skin, I think they’ll make for some seriously iconic pictures.I love being surrounded by women who inspire me; in many ways it’s the reason I moved to New York in the first place. You already know how obsessed I am with Athena and Chelsea, and you can add icy blondes babes Fiona (above) and Kate (below) to that list too. Gorgeous, talented, driven and well-dressed… the ladies in this town have seriously got it ALL going on!Can’t you just feel Monica’s effervescent energy in these pictures? I’m so happy to have gotten to know her over the past few weeks. She’s talented and generous, a gifted designer and photographer, and the coolest mom imaginable. Click HERE, HERE and HERE to revisit the work we’ve made together!|PHOTOS| by Angela Pham for BFA

  • Local & Opulent

    The setting is stunning and I love your look!

    A new outfit post is up on Local & Opulent and I am heading to World MasterCard Fashion Week!


  • Wow, it looks like a lovely dinner. I love that skirt you wore too.


  • This look so lovely and all the ladies are so stylish.


  • Gorgeous pictures! Wish I could make my candids look so good.

  • monkeyshines
  • Denisa

    Oo, that looks like a perfect time. Nice pics. Have a great monday.


  • Long time reader, first time commenting… You look absolutely stunning and your hair looks fantastic.


  • Iliyana Licheva

    looks like a lot of fun!


  • Jennifer

    wow, I definitely have always pictured you as one of the popular kids in school!! I’m amazed you were not! Your friends all look amazing and with such personality and style. My gosh ,I need to move back to a big city!!!

  • CJAJ09 CJAJ09

    love this post. Shows that hardwork and determination really pays off, bet those kool girls wish they were you now


  • Beautiful outfit and I love your new hairstyle.
    The location is amazing too.

    Lady of Style

  • Margaux Shops For You

    Was at Freeman’s in the summer while visiting NYC, absolutely loved it! It’s such a magical place.

    You and all these women are so inspiring!

  • Melly

    Those pictures are absolutely inspiring and cool, you guys look awesome!



  • Jennifer

    All you ladies are gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer


  • there are some seriously amazing ladies around that table! this looks like such a wonderful night full of beauty and love in an equally wonderful setting.


  • great follow up post to the one last week about MRK! I have been familiar with her work for a couple of years and we carry it at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Wonderful to learn more about the woman behind the collection. Looks like a great evening and dinner that you posted today.

  • Great pictures, love your look. Also totally digging that cream pants/green tube top combination. So fun & unexpected.

  • Stephanie Lam

    Looks amazing!! Love your outfit too!



  • Leslie Dewell Smith

    I felt like you were telling my story when you reflected on your time in your room, creating and dreaming and orchestrating your childhood visions.
    Lovely to read.
    What a fun event! Wonderful to see you celebrating with such a sharp posse…of which you are very much a part.
    Rock on sista.

  • Nico
  • Domonique

    Great way to spend an evening; amazing food, god company and killer fashion 🙂


  • L R

    “But it turns out that introspective, lonely childhoods oftentimes lead to the most interesting adulthoods.”

    You got it. I had a similar childhood as you – I was very creative and very alone growing up but adulthood has been pretty great. I’ve met some very interesting people who don’t stuff you in your 8-year-old-self box forever and appreciate me for being me. Great post!

    LR @ Magnificent or Egregious

  • Kholá Waddy-Jones

    Such a chic looking event. Going a little koo-koo over your Tibi skirt. Adore!


  • Wow, it looks like a great night with some amazing women!

  • Lindsey

    What a group of beautiful women. You all look stunning.

  • Valerie Yvonne

    looks like it was an amazing evening!

  • I looooove Freeman’s!! What a great place for the occasion! Awesome choice!

    xo, Stephanie


  • Anonymous

    looks like fun! i love your longer skirt!


  • Megan

    what beautiful backdrop the table setting is stunning and so are you, i am obsessing over your skirt and heels paired perfectly with the printed blouse. i want your life! xo


  • Alexia Mickens

    I love your hair that way! And oh yes, I love your outfit! Gorgeous top! Fun times!!
    xx, Alexia from In The Meantime

  • Christina Chan

    Beautiful table setting xxx


  • Fiftyfabulous

    Funny you should mention being shy, you look very confident in front of the camera, and carry yourself very well and so stylish. I have been observing your blog for a while now and have to follow, thank you for your inspiration, it certainly rubs off on others.

  • Rhiannon Eyre

    I love your hair, it’s like a modern version the the rachel!

  • Outfitofthedayblog.wordpress.c

    What a lovely dream…I’m glad it’s coming true for you.

  • Jill

    Kelly – I NEED to know who Athena is wearing! Loving that corset top with those chic trousers! Thank you!

  • Hi from a fellow introvert…. I LOVE your hair style…. so very chic!! Pinning!

  • new in MA

    Great inspiration! I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kelly, loved the way you weaved the post. Your introspective thoughts and the inspiring pictures were truly touching. Thank you for sharing pieces of yourself, your life, and work with us! Congratulations on your accolades! You deserve them!

  • This post made me smile 🙂 the kids at the “cool kids” table are knocked up, incarcerated, in rehab, or on the couch doing nothing. congrats to your success! – Gabrielle http://www.resortrocksugar.com

  • Such an awesome set up for dinner! Beautiful setting, beautiful people in beautiful clothing! It sounds like a great night! I especially love all the different beautiful outfit! ♥

    xo, Jessica.

  • It’s like a dinner party from my dreams. I hope to build a network of women who inspire me here in London, then I’ll have gatherings just like this.

    You look lovely btw, I adore your skirt!


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