So Sneaky

20th February, 2013

I love that fashion continues to surprise and delight me, throughout my life. Trends may seem tiresome at times, but it’s actually pretty fun to ride the wave of change in some small way every day, letting one’s look evolve with the cultural mood. It’s about being present, and aware.

By this I mean: I’m obsessed with sneakers, which I never thought possible. Not just any sneakers, I’m obsessed with streamlined black Nikes. I think they’re ridiculously cool. I ordered a busload of them for a recent shoot (during which I snapped these Polaroids), and I also wear them myself when I’m working behind the scenes (as seen in the video at the end of THIS POST). I have one pair for exercising in, and an identical pair to keep clean and look cute in. I wish I had the willpower to be one of those awesome, aesthetically ascetic girls who wears nothing but Nike Frees and Manolo BB’s. But I know I’ll forever lack the self control. At least I know my mom will be proud that I finally prefer something practical.|ABOVE| Nike Free Training Fit 3 ($140), Free Run+ 3 ($100), and Lady Cortez sneakers ($105)|ABOVE| Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ ($160), Pre Montreal RCR Lite (£31), and Eclipse II sneakers ($40)

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